Used Jeep Headlight Level Sensors

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About Headlight Level Sensors

The Jeep headlight level sensor is an essential part of your vehicle’s lighting system and is used to tell the vehicle where to position the headlights whilst the vehicle is moving. The Jeep headlight level sensor is crucial to road safety as it ensures that the positioning of the lighting is not at a level that will blind oncoming motorists.

There are two Jeep headlight level sensors on a vehicle. One is generally positioned in the front driverside wheel arch and the other in the rear driverside wheel arch. The Jeep headlight level sensors are connected to the vehicle power supply using a male/female connector.

Corrosion can arise with the Jeep headlight level sensors due to where they are situated on the vehicle, and are prone to water damage. The front Jeep headlight level sensor is more susceptible than the rear.

Signs that your Jeep headlight level sensor is damaged can be indicated by a warning light or error message on your dashboard, the headlight beam on one side of your vehicle being at a different height to the other or visible signs of corrosion on the Jeep headlight level sensor itself. 

Jeep trivia

  • Former US President Ronald Reagan was a big fan of the Jeep and was often seen driving around his ranch in his much-loved CJ8.
  • People that own a Jeep are very keen to show it off. In 2015, research was carried out that showed Jeep is the second most popular car brand to see on Instagram. The Marque is the most popular Jeep model on social media. While this is a surprise when you consider the bigger names in car manufacturing, the fact that Jeeps can become such an integral part of the travel experience may go some way to explain the Instagram popularity.
  • There is a 1953 Willys Jeep on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, with the curators calling it "an example of automotive design in its purest form." The Jeep was added to the museum's collection in 2002.
  • There's a whole sport called Jeeping, and it's been running since 1953. It's a trek that usually takes place along the Rubicon Trail in the US, and 'Jeep Jamborees' are now so popular that Jeep even attends the events, often bringing new concept vehicles to show off.
  • In the action film, Furious 7, a customised Jeep dropped out of an aeroplane, along with some of the other classic cars used in the film. Usually, this kind of stunt would use only the chassis of the cars, but for F7, they just dropped the fully built cars from the cargo plane and hoped for the best.