Used Jeep Headlight Relays

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About Headlight Relays

The Jeep headlight relay is a remote electrically operated switch and is used in some vehicles wiring to minimise the voltage loss from the battery to the headlights. In basic headlight wiring systems, the power will travel from the battery to the alternator, to the headlight switch and then finally to the headlights. However, when a model> headlight relay is fitted, the voltage goes from the battery to the relay and then directly to the headlights. Because the power has a shorter distance to go, the voltage loss is much smaller meaning that the headlights perform better and put out more light. It’s also possible to successfully add higher output bulbs without overloading your headlight wiring.

The Jeep headlight relay is also used to protect the switch from overheating from high amperage. Many headlight wiring systems use two relays to control the flow of power successfully, one for high beam wiring and one for the low beam wiring.

Relays can fail because of oxidisation, overheating or due to a faulty connection in the relay socket. If the Jeep headlight relay shows signs of failure your headlights may become dim, which can eventually lead to headlight failure.

Jeep trivia

  • One of the most expensive Jeeps in the world is the 2005 Jeep Hurricane. It's certainly not a cheap option if you're in the market for a Jeep unless, of course, you've got a spare £2 million in the bank.
  • Jeeps have been seen on the big screen a lot, especially in war films. However, it's not just war that is responsible for iconic Jeep designs in cinema. Jurassic Park used a '93 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for the vehicles used in the dino-park, and the most iconic scene showed the Jeep outrunning a T-Rex! There's even a car club called the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, where members have to own a Jeep that has been painted to look like it's come straight from the park.
  • Jeep has had eight different owners to date. The current owners of the iconic brand are Fiat-Chrysler, but the name has been owned by recognisable names like Renault and AMC.
  • Jeeps have been seen a lot on the small screen, with perhaps the most recognisable being their use in the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad. Both Hank Schrader and Skyler White drove a Jeep, although it was Schrader's 2006 Jeep Commander (XK) that looked the best.
  • The Jeep is the only vehicle to have won an American Purple Heart medal. The award was given after a Jeep was the first US presence on the beach at Guadalcanal. The Jeep was only slightly damaged, with some bullet holes in the windscreen, but General Eisenhower called the Jeep one of "the three tools that won the war."