Used Jeep Interior Heater Control Switchs

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About Interior Heater Control Switchs

The interior heater of a modern motor vehicle forms part of what is commonly known as the HVAC system. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system in a car governs the temperature and air quality in the interior in order to provide the most comfortable driving and passenger experience.

Interior heating, which is operated by the Jeepinterior heater control switch, is essential in colder climates as, not only does it create a comfortable climate in the interior of the vehicle, it also assists in defrosting the windscreen and the rear and side windows and dissipating the evaporation caused by water condensation.

A vehicle’s interior heating system is usually controlled by a switch on the dashboard, the Jeepinterior heater control switch, which enables the driver to set the temperature to the desired level. Using heat generated by the engine, the interior heating is dissipated around the car via heating vents that are usually located on the front dashboard. In some models of car, the vents are also channelled to the rear of the vehicle.

The failure of the Jeepinterior heater control switch not only results in a vehicle that is uncomfortable in the cold, it also prevents the dissipation of condensation within the vehicle’s interior to improve the visibility for the driver.

Jeep trivia

  • In the action film, Furious 7, a customised Jeep dropped out of an aeroplane, along with some of the other classic cars used in the film. Usually, this kind of stunt would use only the chassis of the cars, but for F7, they just dropped the fully built cars from the cargo plane and hoped for the best.
  • Nobody knows where the name 'Jeep' comes from or why it was used. One theory is that it's a play on the phrase General Purpose Vehicle (GP), while others maintain that Jeeps are named after a character in the Popeye cartoon, Eugene the Jeep.
  • People that own a Jeep are very keen to show it off. In 2015, research was carried out that showed Jeep is the second most popular car brand to see on Instagram. The Marque is the most popular Jeep model on social media. While this is a surprise when you consider the bigger names in car manufacturing, the fact that Jeeps can become such an integral part of the travel experience may go some way to explain the Instagram popularity.
  • Jeeps have been seen a lot on the small screen, with perhaps the most recognisable being their use in the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad. Both Hank Schrader and Skyler White drove a Jeep, although it was Schrader's 2006 Jeep Commander (XK) that looked the best.
  • Although they were designed for the military, it didn't take long before Jeep released a version for civilians. The CJ-2A had several features that were lacking on the military versions, such as a tailgate, a side-mounted spare tire, and an external fuel cap.