Used Jeep Memory Seat Switchs

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About Memory Seat Switchs

The memory seat switch or switches enable the driver and passengers to alter the configuration of their vehicle seating to achieve the ideal position for their comfort and safety. Using either a series of buttons or dials on the side of the seat or a single, stand-alone unit, most car seats can be raised or lowered, moved closer or further from the steering wheel and pedals, and the backrest angle changed. The memory seat switch has the ability to store a number of pre-set positions to suit the differing size-range of all drivers and passengers who use the vehicle without the need for manual adjustment for each journey or driver.


Most memory switches allow the driver and passengers to alter the head-rest height, upper seat-back angle, main seat-back angle, seat height, seat length, seat depth, seat angle and lumbar support horizontal and vertical. Some memory seat switches can activate a massage effect in the seat which may alleviate stiffness or back pain on long journeys.


If the memory seat switch fails to operate this may be due to a blown fuse, poor terminal connections or faulty wiring.

Jeep trivia

  • There were a lot of car firsts in the 1963 Jeep Wagoneer. Dubbed by Jeep as the first-ever luxury SUV, the Wagoneer came with independent front suspension (a first for a 4x4), as well as the first overhead-cam six-cylinder truck engine.
  • There is a 1953 Willys Jeep on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, with the curators calling it "an example of automotive design in its purest form." The Jeep was added to the museum's collection in 2002.
  • In the action film, Furious 7, a customised Jeep dropped out of an aeroplane, along with some of the other classic cars used in the film. Usually, this kind of stunt would use only the chassis of the cars, but for F7, they just dropped the fully built cars from the cargo plane and hoped for the best.
  • Nobody knows where the name 'Jeep' comes from or why it was used. One theory is that it's a play on the phrase General Purpose Vehicle (GP), while others maintain that Jeeps are named after a character in the Popeye cartoon, Eugene the Jeep.
  • Former US President Ronald Reagan was a big fan of the Jeep and was often seen driving around his ranch in his much-loved CJ8.