Used Kia Seat Motor Electrics

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About Seat Motor Electrics

This motor is the device by which the driver’s seat set-up can be altered to allow for drivers of differing size and shape to choose their ideal driving position. The Kia seat motor is usually located under the seat. There can be up to three different motors which will alter different sections of the seat. The height of the seat, forward and backward movement of the seat and the backrest angle can all be changed using the motors.

The motor can be activated by pressing buttons or switches on the left side of the driver’s seat or by the operation of a separate, stand-alone mechanism. The motor is powered by connection to the Kia vehicle battery.

If the seat motor fails to operate this may be due to faulty wiring, poor terminal connections or the motor itself may have burnt out or be faulty. To service or replace the motors it will probably be necessary to remove the whole seat to gain access to the wiring or the motor itself.

Kia trivia

  • One of the reasons for Kia's success in Europe is their intense sponsorship of both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Championship.
  • Kia cars are famous for being reliable. They have the lowest recall rate after Porsche and Mercedes Benz, and the fact that they are considerably cheaper than both has led to Kia cars being called the most reliable mass-market vehicle in the world.
  • Kia's presence in the European market has been stellar. In 2018 they sold an astonishing 494,304 cars, which meant a full decade of consecutive growth.
  • The vast majority of Kia cars are named after geographical terms. The Cerato is Greek for 'peak', and Sorento is an Italian city.
  • It wasn't until 1974 that Kia produced their first car. Before that, they focused on bicycles and motorbikes. By 1998, they had produced their one-millionth car! Kia were the company that produced South Korea's first-ever bicycle, first-ever motorbike, and first-ever domestic truck.