Used Land Rover Clock Digital LCDs

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About Clock Digital LCDs

Most cars have dashboard clocks and the majority of these are Land RoverLCD digital clocks. Digital clocks combine two types of technology.

In the first of these technologies, the oscillator, which is needed to make all clocks, including a Land Roverdigital LCD clock, function, is normally provided by a crystal. An electrical charge is passed through the crystal, which causes its shape to alter and make it release a slight noise, at a regular frequency. This sound is converted into an electronic signal. Through the employment of a series of counters, the oscillations, which are connected to an electronic chip, send a signal to the display which uses lights to display the time.

The second piece of technology is the display. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and utilises two thin sheets of polarizing material. These sheets have a liquid crystal solution between them. When an electric current crosses the liquid, these crystals fall into alignment, preventing any light from passing through them. Each crystal, therefore, acts as if it is a curtain that can either allow light to pass though or prevent it from doing so. The light that passes through the face of a Land Roverdigital LCD clock in a motor vehicle is what displays the time.

A clock may seem like a simple accessory, but the Land RoverLCD digital clock is a sophisticated motor part.

Land Rover trivia

  • Land Rover made the 101 Forward Vehicle for the UK military. It was originally built to haul howitzer cannons! The vehicle is so high, in fact, that a step had to be built into the front wheel so that the driver could get into the cab.
  • Land Rover was the two-decade standout winner of the Camel Trophy, a gruelling off-road challenge that sees vehicles compete in Siberia, the Sahara, Australia, and other hostile terrains.
  • Although the first Land Rover was designed in 1947 (by Maurice Wilks), the company wasn't actually founded until 1978!
  • When the Pope was visiting the UK in 1984, Land Rover designed him a customised Popemobile to use in the country.
  • The Range Rover designer hated what he had made. Charles Spencer "Spen" King CBE, was focused solely on designing a large V8 engine, and then just drew a box around it to show where the engine would sit. It annoyed him for the rest of his life, and he insisted that he'd only put 0.1% of development time on the car shape. He also hated that they would be used for anything other than farming, saying, " use them in the school run, or even in towns and cities at all, is completely stupid."