Used Land Rover Freelander Sunroof Electric Switch For Sale

Used Land Rover Freelander Sunroof Electric Switch

All used Land Rover Freelander Sunroof Electric Switch listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for Land Rover Freelander are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Sunroof Electric Switch

There are two main types of power switch to operate an electric sunroof. The first of these is the simple Freelander Land Roverelectric sunroof switch. The sunroof is generally operated by pressing this switch and holding it down until the sunroof is opened to the extent desired. An alternative, somewhat more sophisticated system, involves the employment of an electronic control module. This type of module enables rapid opening and closing. It may also activate automatic closing of the sunroof whenever the ignition is turned off. Whichever type of system is used, the ability to open and close a car’s sunroof at the flick of a switch is far preferable to the alternative of operating the sunroof manually.

If an electric sunroof ceases to operate it is likely to be due to faulty wiring from the switch or a defect in the Freelander Land Roverelectric sunroof switch itself. Most auto-electrical accessory retailers provide replacement electric sunroof switches for most models. It may be necessary to employ an auto electrician to fit the replacement switch to ensure that it is wired in correctly. If the Freelander Land Roverelectric sunroof switch does cease to function it will be necessary to close the sunroof manually to prevent possible weather damage and to keep the vehicle secure.

Land Rover Freelander trivia

  • The Mk1 Land Rover Freelander quickly became the bestselling four-wheel drive in Europe. Over nine years, it sold over 540,000 units!
  • Before 2010, every model of Land Rover Freelander had gold highlights on the Land Rover logo. Since 2010, all Freelanders have a silver highlight instead.
  • There are more than 16 patented, unique features on the Land Rover Freelander. These include the IRD (or Intermediate Reduction Drive), and the Hill Descent Control system.
  • The designer for the Land Rover Freelander went on to become the Land Rover Head of Design. Gerry McGovern is fascinated by the evolution of the Land Rover, and says that “We’re very protective of our images.”
  • Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the Land Rover Freelander included the sentences “Driving this car is like lying in the bath. It’s brilliant.” So if you like taking a bath, then this could be the car for you!