Used Land Rover Freelander Gearbox ECU

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About Gearbox ECU

The Freelander Land Rover gear box ECU (sometimes known as a Transmission Control Unit) is an essential part of the gear box in an automatic vehicle, and monitors and controls the gear changes and transmission. This electrical part communicates with the engine ECU using a series of sensors that are positioned at strategic points in the vehicle. Using the information given to it by the sensors and the engine ECU it calculates when to change the vehicle’s gears to improve vehicle performance and minimise fuel consumption. These sensors tell the Freelander Land Rover gear box ECU what speed the vehicle is driving at, whether it is driving uphill or downhill, the temperature of the oil and the amount of torque generated by the torque converter.

Some vehicles have a combined Freelander Land Rover gear box ECU and engine ECU, known as a powertrain control module (PCM).

Damage to the Freelander Land Rover gear box ECU is likely down to the solenoids – magnetic wire coils that transport electric current. If your vehicle experiences problems with the Freelander Land Rover gear box ECU you may first notice a warning code displayed in your vehicle. If ignored, the gear box can fail resulting in an inability to change gears.

Land Rover Freelander trivia

  • Despite its successes, the Land Rover Freelander was discontinued, and production finished in 2014. It was replaced by the Discovery Sport 1.
  • The Queen is regularly spotted driving her Land Rover Freelander, but nobody is quite sure how many she owns. Some sources suggest it’s just the one, while others claim she owns at least five!
  • If you sit in a Land Rover Freelander, plug your seatbelt, and then unplug it nine times in a row then you can turn off that annoying beeping noise that alerts you when a seatbelt isn’t being worn. Don’t panic, though, because you still get the dash indicator warning light.
  • Models of the Land Rover Freelander released in 2013 had undergone some serious interior redesigning. The touch screen was a nice touch, but it was the choice of 11 or 17 speakers that made the news.
  • The Mk1 Land Rover Freelander quickly became the bestselling four-wheel drive in Europe. Over nine years, it sold over 540,000 units!