Used Land Rover Freelander Screen Washer Motor

All used Land Rover Freelander Screen Washer Motor listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for Land Rover Freelander are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Screen Washer Motor

The screenwasher motor is an electrical mechanism that activates a pump which will cause screenwash to be fed to the screenwash jets situated just below the windscreen. In most cases the screenwash motor and pump are enclosed in one unit that is situated with the screenwash reservoir in the engine compartment. Occasionally the motor and pump are two separate units. The screenwash motor is activated by a stick-lever usually found on the steering column.


If the motor fails to operate this could be due to a blown fuse, a poor earth return or corrosion to the terminals, or the motor itself is faulty. If the motor needs replacing it is advisable to also fit a new non-return valve and filter in the reservoir. If the motor is operating properly but no screenwash appears from the screenwash jets it’s possible that there is a blockage or debris in the filter of the pump or in the jet nozzles. To check whether the pump is operating it’s normal to hear a whirring noise from the reservoir area when the stick-lever is pushed. This should mean both motor and pump are working correctly.


If replacing a broken motor with one that is not an exact replica it may be possible to bypass the old motor and fit the replacement with a new mounting.

Land Rover Freelander trivia

  • If you sit in a Land Rover Freelander, plug your seatbelt, and then unplug it nine times in a row then you can turn off that annoying beeping noise that alerts you when a seatbelt isn’t being worn. Don’t panic, though, because you still get the dash indicator warning light.
  • The Queen is regularly spotted driving her Land Rover Freelander, but nobody is quite sure how many she owns. Some sources suggest it’s just the one, while others claim she owns at least five!
  • Despite its successes, the Land Rover Freelander was discontinued, and production finished in 2014. It was replaced by the Discovery Sport 1.
  • The Land Rover Freelander was the first-ever compact SUV to be awarded a 5-star NCAP safety rating.
  • When it comes to awards, the Land Rover Freelander has plenty under its belt. It won the Parkers’ New Car Awards in 2011 and was the winner of the BBC Top Gear’s SUV of the Year award. It’s also taken home the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award, the What Diesel Magazine Car of the Year Awards’ Best 4x4, and is the winner of the Caravan Club’s Tow Car of the Year. And that’s just a few of the wins it has!