Used Land Rover Range Rover Air Suspension Pump

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About Air Suspension Pump

The Range Rover Land Rover air suspension pump is part of a vehicle’s suspension system and replaces the old spring system which was commonly used in older vehicles.

The Range Rover Land Rover suspension pump’s job is to pump air in to the attached bellows or air bags at a specific air pressure in order to inflate the bellows/bags. There is a solenoid attached to these bags which will close when the correct amount of air has been collected. Once this air is collected, it’s used to raise the chassis away from the axle to provide a smoothing effect on the ride.

The amount of air which is distributed to the suspension is determined by a control centre, which could be electronic, and will not only have raising and lowering capabilities, but also a self-levelling function. In instances where there isn’t an electronic control centre, the function of suspension control falls to the engine.

A faulty Range Rover Land Rover suspension pump may first be noticed if the vehicle appears lower than on the previous day. This is caused by the chassis dropping. Other signs could include the vehicle moving towards one side when driving, which can suggest a suspension issue and will need further investigation.

Land Rover trivia

  • Most cars get an immediate redesign after the prototype is designed. Not with the Range Rover, however! The 1966 design was considered perfect as it was, which never happens in the automotive industry. The Range Rover is considered a work of art, and one of them is even on display in the Louvre.
  • Land Rover was notorious for trying to find ways to avoid paying taxes and extended that to their customers too. They built the Defender 110 so that it could (just about) fit 12 people! Technically, that meant that they could class it as a bus, and owners didn't have to pay standard road tax.
  • One of the most unique vehicles ever was the floating SUV designed and built by Land Rover. Unfortunately, the Floating Ninety Defender led many drivers to believe that their own Land Rovers could also float, and many cars were driven into lakes as a result.
  • Land Rover made the 101 Forward Vehicle for the UK military. It was originally built to haul howitzer cannons! The vehicle is so high, in fact, that a step had to be built into the front wheel so that the driver could get into the cab.
  • In 2012, Land Rover hired Posh Spice as their temporary creative director. Victoria Beckham was the key to the design of the Evoque Special edition. It came with a hand-finished matte paint job, mohair floor mats, and a matching four-piece luggage set.