Used Land Rover Sunroof Motors

All used Land Rover Sunroof Motors listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list used car parts for Land Rover are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Sunroof Motors

Many cars now have an electric sunroof that is operated by way of a Land Roversunroof motor. This means that the Land Roversunroof motor is an integral part of the working of the sunroof and that if it breaks down it will need to be repaired or replaced. However, although repairing a faulty Land Roversunroof motor is one option, it may prove to be far more expensive than choosing to buy a replacement.

It is quite easy to find a replacement sunroof motor in the parts department of a vehicle’s dealership or from a motor accessories dealer. It is important to provide accurate information about the make and model of the vehicle to make sure that the part that is purchased is the correct one.

Once the part has been acquired, fitting is a relatively straightforward procedure. It involves the removal of the interior light to allow access to the vehicle’s overhead console, which houses the sunroof motor. Once the overhead console has been removed it is simply a case of removing the damaged motor by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place and disconnecting the wiring. The replacement Land Roversunroof motor can then be fitted, using the same connections and the same retaining screws.

Land Rover trivia

  • According to the film, Judge Dredd (1995), Land Rover will be the last ever car manufacturer in the world. The car company had a heavy presence in the film, and you can still see some film versions of the car driving around the UK.
  • In 2012, Land Rover hired Posh Spice as their temporary creative director. Victoria Beckham was the key to the design of the Evoque Special edition. It came with a hand-finished matte paint job, mohair floor mats, and a matching four-piece luggage set.
  • Land Rover was the two-decade standout winner of the Camel Trophy, a gruelling off-road challenge that sees vehicles compete in Siberia, the Sahara, Australia, and other hostile terrains.
  • One of the most unique vehicles ever was the floating SUV designed and built by Land Rover. Unfortunately, the Floating Ninety Defender led many drivers to believe that their own Land Rovers could also float, and many cars were driven into lakes as a result.
  • In the 1950s, you could buy yourself a Land Rover with tank tracks instead of wheels. Known as the Cuthbertson Version, it was intended for use by farmers and was tested by driving across the Scottish Highlands.