Used Land Rover Transmission Solenoids

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About Transmission Solenoids

The Land Rover transmission solenoid is one of several hydro-electric valves with a spring-loaded plunger inside. Its operation is determined by the ECU (on-board computer). This computer uses data gathered from sensors positioned around the vehicle to decide which gear to use.

The job of the Land Rover transmission solenoid is to control the flow of transmission fluid in an automatic transmission and can be open to allow the fluid to flow, or closed. The ECU tells the Land Rover transmission solenoid whether to remain open or not. To open the solenoid the ECU sends a current through a coiled wire on the solenoid, allowing the fluid to flow through. This wire is wrapped around a plunger. With the Land Rover transmission solenoid open, the transmission fluid then flows to the clutch, allowing the driver to change gears. Some solenoids have the ability to change multiple gears, whilst some only operate one.

Problems with the Land Rover transmission solenoid can mean that the vehicle loses the ability to change gears. It can fail because of damage to the solenoid as a result of electrical issues, or it could be caused by dirty transmission fluid which can make the solenoid stick.

Land Rover trivia

  • Land Rover was the two-decade standout winner of the Camel Trophy, a gruelling off-road challenge that sees vehicles compete in Siberia, the Sahara, Australia, and other hostile terrains.
  • Land Rover was notorious for trying to find ways to avoid paying taxes and extended that to their customers too. They built the Defender 110 so that it could (just about) fit 12 people! Technically, that meant that they could class it as a bus, and owners didn't have to pay standard road tax.
  • Land Rovers and James Bond go hand in hand. The 4x4 Land Rover has been in more Bond films than there have been Bond actors! In Spectre, the Defender SVX was customised with 37-inch tyres and more power.
  • The Queen loves Land Rovers and is reported to have owned as many as 30 different models in her life. It was in a Land Rover Defender that her majesty terrified the then Crown Prince Abdullah with her wild driving skills.
  • In the 1950s, you could buy yourself a Land Rover with tank tracks instead of wheels. Known as the Cuthbertson Version, it was intended for use by farmers and was tested by driving across the Scottish Highlands.