Used Mazda 6 Headlight Adjuster

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About Headlight Adjuster

The 6 Mazda headlight adjuster is located inside the headlight assembly and is used to adjust the headlights up and down. There are two types of headlight adjustment systems, one is manual and involves adjusting the headlight bolts that are above the headlight and on the side using a screwdriver to adjust the headlights up and down and sideways.

The other type is a motorised 6 Mazda headlight adjuster. Like the bolt version, this headlight adjuster is also located in the headlight assembly. The movement of the headlights are controlled by a motor that is attached to the power supply, and can be adjusted using a switch inside the vehicle on the driverside to position the lights in all directions.

Failure of the 6 Mazda headlight adjuster can mean that you are unable to adjust your headlights. If the adjuster ceases working, it’s possible that the headlight will move out of position. This can cause visibility issues when driving, and also could cause difficulties for other drivers on the road who could be blinded by too-high headlights. Poorly positioned headlights are also an MOT failure. It’s therefore essential to replace a damaged 6 Mazda headlight adjuster as soon as possible.

Mazda 6 trivia

  • The Mazda 6 is made in a variety of different countries. The bulk of the car is made in Japan, but a Mazda 6 might also be made in Michigan, China, or Thailand.
  • The Mazda 6 sold faster than any other model of Mazda. It was designed to replace the Capella/626 and was launched in 2002 to critical acclaim and high sales figures.
  • Oddly, the Mazda 6 is the sixth-generation version of the Mazda 626. Both use the same design platform! It all gets very confusing when you’re trying to keep track of which car is which upgrade!
  • Europeans could get their hands on a luxury sports version of the Mazda 6 until production stopped in 2007. After that, catalogues only listed the standard Sport version. The luxury version had a completely different interior and several external differences too.
  • Millennials love the Mazda 6, and it has a 39% positive opinion in that demographic.