Used Mazda Gearbox Transmission Selspeeds

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About Gearbox Transmission Selspeeds

The Mazda gearbox transmission selespeed is a manual electro-hydraulic transmission used in Alfa Romeo vehicles and was first introduced in 1999. Whilst the transmission is manual, it also features an electronic clutch.

The Mazda gearbox transmission selespeed has an unusual setup that is operated by using either paddles on the steering wheel to control the gears or using a joystick to select them. This choice is down to personal preference for the driver who can choose to use one or both during the drive. The joystick is given priority over the paddles by the vehicle. With the paddle system, there is a left paddle that shifts gears down and a right paddle which shifts gears upwards. The inner workings of the Mazda gearbox transmission selespeed operates in a similar way to a normal gearbox.

The Mazda gearbox transmission selespeed can be prone to failure, which are most commonly associated with the selenoids or the sensors. Signs of failure can include a difficulty in changing gears to the required gear, an inability to move out of neutral or total gearbox failure. Other issues could be caused by a selespeed pump failure, which can blow the selespeed fuse. 

Mazda trivia

  • Cars can take many years to move from concept to rolling off the production line, but the CX-3 crossover SUV was taken from inception to completion in just 13 months!
  • Mazda is the only Japanese car manufacturer to have ever won the 24 Hours of Le Mans contest. They won in 1991 with the rotary-powered 787B, sending shockwaves throughout the racing community.
  • Mazda has always been big fans of the rotary engine, and although they originally started using them to help distinguish themselves from other car manufacturers, they are still the only car manufacturer to mass-produce rotary engine-powered vehicles.
  • The name Mazda comes from both the name of the founder (Jujiro Matsuda) and the Zoroastrian God of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda.
  • The fastest RX-7 in the world is the Racing Beat Bonneville. It was clocked at 242mph, and with a modified 13G lump, it was expected to get up to 300mph.