Used Mercedes-Benz C Class Central Locking ECU

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About Central Locking ECU

A C Class<Model> central locking ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a microcomputer or brain responsible for management and control of a car’s central locking and security system. All locking components including the lock mechanisms, lock barrels, lock levers, actuators, remote sensors and other lock controls are electrically connected to the ECU, allowing it to regulate and control the overall state of the system. The central locking ECU may also control electric window closure, vehicle immobiliser and alarm system.

A C Class<Model> central locking ECU is located within the dashboard or engine bay. It is generally possible to ‘read’ or interrogate the central locking ECU using a laptop computer with relevant software and cable or a dedicated reader via a connection port usually located in the dashboard. This is the best method for diagnosis of central locking faults.
Like any electronic component an ECU can fail for a number of reasons including short circuits, dry solder joints, water damage or age. Diagnosis is generally much easier with the correct reader which can be used to obtain error codes from the ECU.

Mercedes-Benz C Class trivia

  • Despite its popularity and long production run, the C Class didn't get a topless version until 2016. The W205 Cabriolet was the first dedicated C Class convertible (although there had been the coupe convertible CLK, this was styled far more like an E-Class and is now considered to be part of that range).
  • When it comes to aerodynamics, Mercedes-Benz leads the industry. The C Class Coupe has a drag coefficient of 0.26, one of the best in the world. That makes the C Class Coupe one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the world too.
  • When the C200 was launched in the UK, it had gone through 6,500 component design changes. That means almost 50% of the parts used in the production of the car had been updated. The result was a car that Top Gear called "absurdly customisable.'
  • While the shudders in the C Class grille will open and close to change the aerodynamic, it's not the only car to have that feature. However, it is the only one that comes with the shudders linked to the navigation system. That means it will change the way it works depending on the environment, so even when driving through a tunnel, you still get the maximum aerodynamic efficiency.
  • The very first C Class was built in Germany and rolled off the production line on the 1st of June 1993. It wasn't until July 2000 that the first of the second generation models were produced.