Used Mercedes-Benz C Class ECU

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About ECU

What is the ECU/what does it do?

The term ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a universal name given to a variety of electronic control systems found in a car. Collectively they make up the car's computer or brain which controls and regulates key components of the vehicle.

Getting into the details of the ECU

ECU’s are located within the dashboard or engine bay. It is often possible to ‘read’ or interrogate your car's various ECU’s using a laptop computer with relevant software and cable or a dedicated reader via a connection port which is usually located in the dashboard. This method is used by mechanics for diagnosis of certain vehicle faults.

An ECU controls or governs aspects of a car's systems including, but not limited to, the engine, ABS, suspension, automatic gearbox and power steering.

What if something goes wrong with the ECU?

Like any electronic component an ECU can fail for a number of reasons including short circuits, dry solder joints, water damage or age. Diagnosis is generally much easier with the correct reader which can be used to obtain error codes from ECU.

Mercedes-Benz C Class trivia

  • The Mercedes-Benz C Class comes with two different types of turbo engines. The C300 turbo-4 is 241 horsepower, while the C450 AMG comes with a very impressive 362 horsepower.
  • Despite its popularity and long production run, the C Class didn't get a topless version until 2016. The W205 Cabriolet was the first dedicated C Class convertible (although there had been the coupe convertible CLK, this was styled far more like an E-Class and is now considered to be part of that range).
  • For every five Mercedes sold, one in a C Class. That means it's sold well over 10 million units since its initial launch date.
  • The next-generation Mercedes-Benz C Class has been spotted during its testing stage. Expected to be launched in 2021, the car has been completely redesigned and is expected to come with hybrid drivetrains and some form of autonomous driving tech.
  • The current C-Class is about the same size as the original E-Class, which is weird because the C-Class is now categorised as a midsize car. That means it's larger and more spacious than the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4!