Used Mercedes-Benz Clock Analogues

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About Clock Analogues

A feature of the dashboard of most modern motor vehicles is its clock. Having a clock on the dashboard is a useful way of keeping track of the time without the driver having to remove a hand from the steering wheel. There are two main types of clock in a car, the digital clock and the Mercedes-Benzanalogue clock.

Originally, the Mercedes-Benzanalogue clock displayed the time by way of a fixed hand and a rotating dial. This was later superseded by a rotating hand on a fixed dial, which remains the present convention.

An Mercedes-Benzanalogue clock in a motor vehicle, therefore, normally displays the time by way of a face and dials. Analogue clocks were first developed many years ago and have taken many forms. Most analogue clocks have a circular scale of twelve hours. The minute hand of the clock displays the number of minutes past the hour and, if the analogue clock has a second hand, this will display the number of seconds past the minute. Although the majority of analogue clocks display twelve hours there are some that show a twenty four hour cycle.

The Mercedes-Benzanalogue clock runs on the battery of the car, so if the battery is removed or becomes flat, the clock will cease to operate and the time will need to be re-set.

Mercedes-Benz trivia

  • The Popemobile is a Mercedes Benz M-Class SUV. It's not a standard model, however, and has some added features like an inbuilt oxygen system and bulletproof glass.
  • Ever noticed that you've never heard a Mercedes rattle or make any kind of squealing sound? You never will either, because all of their vehicles are welded in up to 10,000 places! You're not going to find a loose nut or bolt rolling around.
  • Karl Benz might have patented the design of his Motorwagen in 1886, but it was his wife who jumped behind the wheel first for a quick (as quick a 0.9hp will deliver) 120-mile tour through the countryside of Germany. Poor Karl didn't even know!
  • If you thought self-driving cars were all about Tesla, then it might surprise you to know that Mercedes Benz made an autonomously driving vehicle as early as 1995. It didn't gain popularity, but it became the foundation of the modern driving technology found in every Mercedes Benz.
  • Unlike most cars, Mercedes vehicles are not spray painted. Instead, they are completely submerged in anti-corrosion coating and primer. That means the protective liquid can get into every part of the car.