Used and Reconditioned Mercedes-Benz Engines

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Cheap Mercedes-Benz engines to buy online

Fortunately for Mercedes-Benz owners the brand has a reputation for high quality and durability, and their cars usually rate as above average in industry studies. Research by Reuters found Mercedes to have the lowest vehicle recall rate out of all manufacturers. As with any car, however, there may come a time when a new engine is necessary. is on hand to ensure that getting your Merc back on the road is a simple and stress-free as possible, thanks to our network of leading UK Mercedes-Benz suppliers who specialise in affordable engines. Our many satisfied customers rely on to have used, reconditioned, new or low mileage engines at their door as soon as possible.

Breakers with used and reconditioned Mercedes Benz engines ready to dispatch

Whether you need a bare engine or a complete set with turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors included, has got you covered. We have a network of independent breakers throughout the UK who have quality Mercedes-Benz engines ready to dispatch, in order to make sure your Merc is back on the road as quickly as possible. When you buy through you can expect a warranty of between 30 to 365 days on your Mercedes-Benz engine depending on the supplier, so it is worth checking this out before you buy.

Mercedes-Benz gearboxes also available

As well as high quality engine units, can also help you to locate fully guaranteed Mercedes-Benz gearboxes in manual, automatic and tiptronic.

Since was founded in 2003 it has built a loyal following of customers who all relish the opportunity to save money by buying used Mercedes-Benz engines. Saving money does not mean that you are buying low quality, as many cars that end up at breaker yards have perfectly serviceable parts that are just waiting to be given a new lease of life. Even if a car is scrapped due to chassis corrosion many of the interior elements are still in excellent working order, and breakers are professionals at saving these working parts.

Our network of independent breakers

When you source parts through there is not only the opportunity to save money, but to save time as well. Instead of having to trawl through lots of yards in the hope of finding the Mercedes-Benz engine you need, all you have to do is click on the Find a Part button and let do all the hard work. Give us as much information about your car as possible and then relax and wait for breakers throughout the country who have your engine in stock to give you a quote, or buy it now through the site. Simple.

If you need some advice about which Mercedes-Benz engine best suits your car then use our ‘add a note’ or ‘message seller’ function to talk to breakers directly. They are notoriously knowledgeable and are always willing to help out.

Wide range of Mercedes-Benz engines

Mercedes-Benz has perhaps one of the most illustrious motor engine histories in the world, with the internal combustion engine automobile developed independently by Benz, Daimler & Maybach in 1886. In 1936 Mercedes-Benz was also responsible for the first diesel powered passenger car. Since then it has expanded into a range of commercial and high powered engines, including the E320 CDI with a variable geometry turbocharger VGT 3.0L V6 common rail diesel engine that produces 224hp, and has set three world endurance records. The M133 engine in the A45 AMG has been recognised as having the most powerful series production four-cylinder turbocharged motor, with 181hp per litre.