New and used Mercedes-Benz Gearboxes

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Cheap Mercedes-Benz gearboxes to buy online

Mercedes is a manufacturer known for high quality and luxurious vehicles. Unfortunately, according to Warranty Direct, Mercedes-Benz is the 32nd most reliable manufacturer in the industry. Mercedes gearboxes in particular are ranked 27th out of 39 listed brands. This isn’t great for a Mercedes-Benz owner to hear, but what you must remember is that it is mainly down to the owner to look after their car. Gearboxes do require some maintenance, with some even more than others. If the day does ever come for you to repair a broken or worn gearbox then rest assured that is here to help you get one for your car at the right price. We understand how expensive they can be from other sources, but we work with independent suppliers across the UK who offer new, used and reconditioned gearboxes at great prices.

Our service is both efficient and reliable, saving you time and money. Instead of replacing your vehicle in despair of how expensive a replacement gearbox might cost, use our Part Finder tool and find some great deals from breaker yards across the UK. The breakers we work with do all they can to ensure they offer the most competitive prices possible. So you’ll be able to get your car back on the road in no time. We’ve helped many happy customers in the past to find, order and receive their Mercedes-Benz gearbox within a matter of days, saving them money on repairing their car. We can do the same for you, so start your search today.

Wide range of Mercedes-Benz gearboxes

Over the years Mercedes-Benz has produced a number of 4, 5 and 6-speed standard automatic and manual gearboxes, using a number of different axle ratios. So whether you’re after a 4-speed manual rear wheel drive gearbox for your 300SL model, or a Getrag 5-speed, 16 valve manual gearbox for your W201, we’ll have a breaker on hand to provide for you.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch understands how expensive it can be to replace car parts, especially a vital one like a gearbox. That’s why many people sell their car for scrap when things like this happen, thinking they can’t afford to repair the car. This isn’t always the case, because with you can find Mercedes-Benz gearboxes at very affordable prices. You can rest assured you won’t be missing out in terms of quality either, at least not with the breakers in our network. They offer parts of the highest quality at unbeatable prices. Some recondition gearboxes by replacing faulty inner parts, giving you the best value for money possible as these units are nearly as good as new.

There are a number of reasons as to why a car may be scrapped. For example, an insurer may write the vehicle off due to the costs of repair being more than the value of the car itself. Or like previously mentioned, the owner might sell it for a small payout due to not being able to afford the repairs. Most of the vehicles sent to breaker yards have a number of perfectly working parts still within them. Try to picture a car that has just come out of a huge car crash, with dented exterior, all crushed in at the back. Although this car is undriveable, and may very well be too expensive to repair, there could still be numerous working parts. The gearbox, CD player; it could be anything. The breaker will take out whatever parts are working and sell them on for cheaper prices than you’d be able to find anywhere else.

Our network of independent breakers

Here at we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to find the right gearbox for your car. We eliminate the need to drive to and from, or call up local breakers. Instead, all you need to do is use our Part Finder tool and we’ll present you with buy it now prices or get back to you with quotes from breakers across the UK. Flexible delivery options mean you can have the gearbox sent straight to your home or work address, or perhaps to your local garage.

If you need a hand picking the right gearbox, or if you have any questions, feel free to talk directly to a breaker by using our ‘message seller’ function. They’re very knowledgeable about cars and car parts so can offer some excellent assistance for anyone in need of help.