Used Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Washer Pumps

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About Windscreen Washer Pumps

The Mercedes-Benz windscreen washer pump is the part of the car's windscreen wiping system that works to pump the washer fluid from the windscreen washer bottle through a hose into the washer jets.

The windscreen is fitted with washer jets which are connected to the windscreen washer bottle by a pipe which takes the washer solution to the jets. The washer jets are usually located beneath the windscreen on the bonnet. Located beneath the bonnet, the washer bottle is connected to the windscreen washer pump. Driven by the windscreen wiper motor, the Mercedes-Benz windscreen washer pump pumps the cleaning solution stored in the windscreen washer bottle through a connecting pipe where it bursts out across the windscreen through the washer jets. The spray is pressurised by the Mercedes-Benz windscreen washer pump so that it can be sprayed onto the windscreen. With the help of the windscreen wipers the screen can be cleared of water and dirt. The windscreen washer motor sources it's electrical power to drive the pump through direct current from the car's battery.

The driver can choose to spray the windscreen by using a control usually situated on the windscreen wiper switch stalk which tends to be located on the steering wheel column. The washer solution can contain de-icer which helps to stop the windscreen from freezing over in colder months.

If the windscreen washer jets aren't delivering the spray there could be a number of reasons. Ensuring the washer jets are clean and clear is a good place to start as the problem could simply be down to clogged up jets. Cracks, leaks or breaks in the washer pump will cause it to malfunction. Faults can arise with the washer pump's electrical connectors. As there are so many different components that work together to make up the car's windscreen wiping system, when wiper problems strike, it's a good idea to consult your mechanic to identify which specific part needs replacing. When buying a new washer pump for your windscreen, choosing the Mercedes-Benz windscreen washer pump will ensure you get a part completely compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz trivia

  • Karl Benz founded the famous car company. He is not only credited as the maker of the world's first practical motorcar but also has the distinction of being the first person ever issued with a driving license (local citizens kept complaining about the noise and smell of his Motorwagen, and so he needed written permission to drive it).
  • That new car smell is always a delight, but a Mercedes owner gets to choose that smell. Perfume specialist Marc vom Ende created four different car smells for Mercedes Benz, called Sports Mood, Freeside Mood, Downtown Mood, and Nightlife Mood. They all smell a bit leathery.
  • In 1924, Mercedes Benz became the first car manufacturer to include brakes on all four of a car's wheels. Not long after, in 1931, they also added suspension springs to the corners of the Mercedes Benz 170.
  • Nepal had very few roads at the time, but the car company still gifted a shiny new Merc to the king of the country in 1940. It was the first car that had ever been in Nepal!
  • Most people think of silver when they think of a Mercedes, but that iconic colour was an accident. Just before a race in 1934, the white-painted W25 was found to be 1kg over the weight limit. The paint was quickly removed, the weight limit reached, and the car won the race.