Used MINI Concentric Slave Cylinderss

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About Concentric Slave Cylinderss

The MINI concentric slave cylinder is a key part of the clutch on modern vehicles and replaces the fork, guide and clutch release bearing in a traditional clutch. The benefits of using a MINI concentric slave cylinder are numerous, and include a lighter use of the clutch pedal which can minimise wear to the clutch pedal and the inner clutch mechanism.

The MINI concentric slave cylinder is mounted inside the bell-housing on the gearbox, and is commonly made out of aluminium or thermoplastics. Inside the MINIconcentric slave cylinder consists of chambers and lubricated rubber seals which allows the hydraulic fluid to pass through. These seals must be high quality, as hydraulic fluid that is leaked through the seals will damage the material on the disc. This material is responsible for creating friction and if it is damaged, the clutch will fail to operate.

It is important to ensure that the MINI concentric slave cylinder is not compressed before fitting as the seals that are inside the cylinder are prone to damage if they are compressed due to lack of lubrication.

If your MINI concentric slave cylinder fails, you may notice a dropped or light clutch pedal.

MINI trivia

  • It might have been a tight fit, but 27 people can fit into a Mini. The Guinness Book of Records confirmed that 27 could fit into the classic model Mini, although 28 people managed to get into the BMW Mini in 2012. The 27-person record was performed by Dani and the Miniskirts during the London to Brighton Mini-Run.
  • Minis are still made in the same production site as the original line. The same site is still used in Oxford, although their car panels are now made in Swindon, and most of the engines made for Mini cars are manufactured by BMW in Hams Hall.
  • It can be hard to keep track of all of the different companies that have owned MINI throughout its long history. At the moment, the name is owned by BMW, and MINI has its own independent division.
  • Where you'd expect to see a radio or speaker system in a Mini, was actually an ashtray in early models. The designer of the first Mini was a heavy smoker who believed that listening to the radio was more of a distraction than lighting a cigarette.
  • MINI export their cars to 110 different countries. The most popular markets are the US, Germany, and China. The UK is only the second biggest market for MINI.