New and used Mitsubishi Engines

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Cheap Mitsubishi engines to buy online

Car owners around the country dread the day that their engine needs replacing, in part because it can be one of the most expensive repairs a car owner encounters. Mitsubishi are ranked 17th out of 39th when it comes to the overall reliability of their cars, but unfortunately for owners this figure drops with regards to engines specifically - putting Mitsubishi 35th out of 39 of the top car manufacturers. This means that an engine replacement may become a harsh reality, but thankfully can help. We are a hub for leading Mitsubishi suppliers from around the UK who give you the opportunity to buy a high quality low mileage, used or reconditioned engine for a great affordable price.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch

Wherever you are in the UK can help you to find a replacement Mitsubishi engine without breaking the bank. There are hundreds of engines available, whether you need just the engine or want the turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors included. You can choose from a range of low mileage, used and reconditioned engines, all of which come with a warranty. When you’re considering a purchase you should make sure to discuss the details of any warranty with the seller to find out what you’re entitled to.

Mitsubishi gearboxes also available can not only help you to find a replacement engine - our suppliers also stock a huge rande of automatic and manual Mitsubishi gearboxes that are often a fraction of the usual cost. Perfect for if you want to get back on the road and grab a bargain in the process.

The main reason that people are attracted to is the opportunity to save money, after all who doesn’t enjoy saving some cash here and there? These savings can become particularly important for expensive things like engine replacements, which is where buying from a breaker yard can help. There are many reasons why a car or van may end up at a scrap yard, such as when owners sell their vehicles for scrap due to the cost of repairs or when insurers write off a vehicle. This doesn't however mean that the cars are relegated to the scrap yard in the sky, as breakers are incredibly skilled at making sure no working parts go to waste. Fully-functional integral parts like engines and gearboxes are often able to be stripped off of the scrapped car and sold on for a great price, giving them a new lease of life and getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our network of independent breakers

Our goal here at is to help people save time and money. We do this thanks to our network of independent breakers who pride themselves on providing high quality new, used and reconditioned car parts at incredibly competitive prices. Thanks to our flexible online approach you don’t have to drive around from breaker yard to breaker yard in the hunt for the exact part you need. Instead, all you have to do is use the Find a Part button on our website to enter your details and let us do all of the hard work for you.

We provide a selection of engines to buy now or you can wait for quotes from breakers around the country who have the engine you require in stock, meaning that you can make the whole process work around your life. Car repairs are stressful, particularly when it comes to engines, and is here to help make the process that little bit easier.

Wide range of Mitsubishi engines

Mitsubishi has produced a wide range of engines since it began manufacturing vehicles, including everything from high-powered inline 3.2 litre 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC common rail diesel engines in the Shogun to small but perfectly formed 1.0 litre 3-cylinder DOHC 12 valve petrol engines in the Mirage. Whatever engine you require to get your Mitsubishi back on the road can help. We’ve helped lots of people find their perfect engine thanks to our network of independent breakers, who have diesel and petrol engines in stock ready to dispatch.