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Cheap Mitsubishi gearboxes to buy online

Motorists dread the gearboxes going on their car as this can be an extremely costly repair. Ranked 14th out of 39 manufacturers on Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index, Mitsubishi gearboxes are relatively reliable, however this depends on how you drive and maintain your car. Even if you keep your gearbox in pristine condition, there is likely to come a time in a car’s life that replacement transmission is required due to wear and tear - but this doesn’t have to cost you the earth. brings you the best UK suppliers of Mitsubishi gearboxes in one convenient place. We’ve had many satisfied customers since our inception who enjoy the fast service that saves them both time and money. The breakers we work with offer new, reconditioned and used Mitsubishi gearboxes that mean replacing your gearbox doesn’t have to break the bank. We can help you to get your car back on the road in a matter of days.

Wide range of Mitsubishi gearboxes

With cars rolling off its production lines for many years, Mitsubishi has manufactured a wide selection of gearboxes to suit its vehicles that range from small city cars such as the Colt to off-roaders like the Shogun and rally spec cars like the Lancer Evo.

Some of the best known Mitsubishi gearboxes are the INVECS ones. First seen in the 1992 Galant, this electronic automatic transmission technology has been used in various guises since. Offering fully automatic, semi-automatic and continuously variable transmission, Mitsubishi was one of the first manufacturers to offer paddle shift in affordable family cars. Whichever gearbox you need for your Mitsubishi, our huge network of breakers makes it easier for you to find the right one.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch

Now you can save time when looking for a used, reconditioned or new Mitsubishi gearbox as you can find prices from breakers all over the country with just one search. Many scrap yards have gearboxes on their shelves waiting to be sent out. Whether you are looking for a brand new gearbox at a discounted price, or a reconditioned or used box that will get your car back on the road for as little money as possible, we can help.

Some people might be concerned about buying a gearbox from a scrap yard. However, there’s no need. Many breakers rebuild transmission units and replace faulty inner parts with brand new ones, which means reconditioned boxes can be almost as good as new. Gearboxes from breaker yards are fully tested by the sellers before they’re sold and they offer fantastic value for money.

We would suggest checking the mileage that’s been done by the gearbox to give you an idea of the possible lifespan and also ask the seller what guarantee comes with the box.

Our network of independent breakers

It’s no secret that a brand new gearbox for your Mitsubishi could be prohibitively expensive. If fact, if you have an older model a new transmission box could set you back more than the value of your car. Mitsubishi gearboxes from breaker yards are much cheaper, particularly if you opt for a second hand one.

They are many reasons why a car can end up in a scrap yard, for example it could have been written off after an accident or scrapped because the owner needed the money. Once a car is scrapped, all the reusable parts are salvaged, cleaned up and sold on at low prices. There’s every chance that the gearbox in a scrapped Mitsubishi is perfectly serviceable. is the ideal way to find Mitsubishi gearboxes at affordable prices. Use our Part Finder for a hassle free alternative to driving or ringing round multiple scrap yards or dealers looking for the exact gearbox you need for your car. Simply input your car details and we’ll provide you with buy it now prices, or relax while breakers within our network get back to you with quotes. We can supply you with prices from breakers all over the country so you can find the right Mitsubishi gearbox at the right price.

If you need more helping locating the right gearbox, use our ‘message sellers’ function to talk directly to our breakers.