Used and Reconditioned Nissan Engines

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Cheap Nissan engines to buy online

Car repairs can be costly, especially engine repairs and replacements. In fact, replacing an engine is generally the most expensive maintenance problem you can encounter. Nissan is ranked 16th in Warranty Direct’s list of 39 manufacturers, based on the reliability of its engines. Regardless of the vehicle, you need to take care of your engine if you want it to live a long life. However, if that fateful day ever comes and you need to replace your engine then is here to help. Working with independent breakers across the UK,’s network consists of some of the top Nissan suppliers in the country.

Breakers with used and reconditioned Nissan engines ready to dispatch

Many engines are available to buy now through our site. As for other engines, we can get back to you with quotes from breakers in our network. Choose between low mileage, used and reconditioned engines, all of which have been checked thoroughly and come offered with a minimum of one month’s guarantee. We can help you source anything from single engine parts to a bare engine and complete engine, which is what you’d need if you were looking for an engine to come with a fuel pump, injectors and so on. Each breaker does all it can to ensure it’s offering parts of the highest quality at the most competitive prices, so rest assured you’ll get the best value for money when buying your engine through

Nissan gearboxes also available can also help you find affordable gearboxes. Many of the breakers from within our network of suppliers stock both manual and automatic Nissan gearboxes. Buying a gearbox through an independent breaker is much cheaper than buying from a retailer.

There are many reasons why a car might end up at a breaker yard. For example, the car might become so damaged that to have it repaired would cost more than the overall value of the car itself. The car is then written off and scrapped for a small payout. However, no matter how heavily damaged one part of a car is, there are often perfectly working parts in other areas of the vehicle. So if, for example, the back end of a car had been completely destroyed the engine might still be fine. So when a car is sent to a breaker, they strip it for parts, keeping anything in working order. This allows people like you to find working Nissan engines at affordable prices. So if you want to save money, buy through

Our network of independent breakers works with independent breakers across the country, some of which are among the top Nissan engines suppliers in the UK. You can find out which breakers are stocking the exact engine you require by filling in our Find a Part box. Fill in as many details as you can about your car, and we’ll get back to you with quotes and buy it now options.

We aim to offer a flexible, convenient service that saves you time and money. Rather than having to call up or drive to and from suppliers, search for Nissan engines from the comfort of your own home. Sit back and wait for us to bring the quotes for you.

Wide range of Nissan engines

Nissan has produced a large number of vehicles over the years, using a variety of petrol and diesel engines including straight four, five and six engines. Nissan has also produced a number of stronger V6, V8 and V12 engines, that go as big as 14.8 litres. They’ve used a number of different types of engines, from DOHC (double overhead camshaft) to supercharged, turbocharged and twin-turbocharged, offering certain types of fuel delivery. Whether you’re after a VG, VQ or VE engine, or any other kind of Nissan engine, can help. We’ll help you find the engine you’re after at the right price.