Used and Reconditioned Peugeot Engines

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Cheap Peugeot engines to buy online

Peugeot has taken a knock when it comes to its reputation for reliability, ending up in the ‘very poor’ category in Which? reader surveys. If your Peugeot has engine troubles then you are probably expecting extortionate costs and a whole lot of stress, including being off the road for days or even weeks. Thanks to, this is not the case. We know that your ‘pug’ is your pride and joy so we have collected a network of leading Peugeot suppliers all in one place, helping to make your life easier and get parts to your doorstep quickly and easily.

Breakers with used and reconditioned Peugeot engines ready to dispatch

Whether you need a bare engine or a complete set with engine, turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors included, has got you covered. We have a huge number of independent breakers within our network who have Peugeot engines in stock and ready to be delivered. Reconditioned, used and low mileage engines are all available from our range of reputable breakers. We know that you want to get your ‘pug’ back on the road as soon as possible, and our swift delivery makes sure that you are back behind the wheel in no time.

Warranties of between 30 and 365 days are available depending on the supplier, so it is worth confirming this at the time of purchase to be sure about how long the guarantee is.

Peugeot gearboxes also available

As well as an extensive range of engines, can also help you to locate fully guaranteed manual, automatic and tiptronic Peugeot gearboxes.

There are many reasons why a car could be written off or scrapped. Some cases, such as corrosion of the chassis, lead to repairs that exceed the value of the car, causing owners to scrap them. The parts can still be perfectly serviceable and have plenty of life left in them and scrap yard workers are the best people to ensure that high quality parts are saved from the scrap yard in the sky. Buying a used Peugeot engine is often far cheaper than sourcing one from new, so you don't have to compromise on quality and reliability.

Our network of independent breakers

By clicking on our Find a Part button  we can help you to find the perfect parts for your vehicle. You never have to waste your time driving around from scrap yard to scrap yard trying to hunt for the Peugeot engine you need again; from now on one simple online form can connect you to a network of reputable breakers in the UK who have exactly what you need in stock.

Not sure which part is the best fit? Breakers are notoriously knowledgeable when it comes to parts, and you can use our ‘add a note’ or ‘message  seller’ function to talk to them directly in order to get as much help and advice as you require. Once you know what you need, you can sit back, relax and wait for quotes or buy it now options to come rolling in.

Wide range of Peugeot engines

Peugeot has a variety of automobile engines, some used in conjunction with its PSA group partner Citroen. The XK was a new inline-four engine developed for the manufacturer’s first front-wheel drive car, the 204, while it also covers new 3-cylinder PureTech petrol engine technology in its 108 compact city car, and the Prince family of automobile straight-4 engines developed in conjunction with BMW which are featured in the RCZ. This wide array of engine types ensures that there is always plenty of choice available in breaker yards.