Used Renault Clio Crash Sensor

All used Renault Clio Crash Sensor listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for Renault Clio are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Crash Sensor

The Clio Renault crash sensor is a clever electronic sensor which detects when the vehicle has crashed and which area is damaged. This information is used to decide if and when the vehicle restraint and safety systems, such as seatbelt tensioners and airbags, are activated.

There are several different types of crash sensor which monitor and measure factors such as sudden deceleration and the speed of the wheels and brake pressure upon impact, and this vital information is sent to the Clio  Renault airbag control unit ECU, which is the control centre of the airbag and automatic vehicle restraint system.  Situated towards the front of the vehicle in the frontal impact/crush zone, the intelligent crash sensor can detect what type of collision has occurred, the angle at which the vehicle collided and how extreme the impact is. The Clio  Renault  airbag  control  unit  ECU will determine if it needs to implement the activation of airbags as well as deciding if functions such as automatic seat belt and door lock are put into place. This all happens within a matter of milliseconds of impact. 

Essentially, the Clio Renault crash sensor works with the airbag system and the ECU to ensure the vehicle's crucial safety devices function effectively and are deployed at the point they are needed. 

The Clio Renault airbag control unit  ECU will regularly carry out routine diagnostic checks of the crash sensors and, if it picks up a fault, the air bag system warning light will illuminate on the dashboard.  Once the airbag system warning light illuminates the system usually becomes inactive, which means that, if you have a crash, safety systems such as the airbags won't work.  It is therefore vital to address the problem as soon as possible. If the crash sensor has suffered damage in a crash, or there's a fault with the electrical contacts in the sensor it will need to be replaced.  Fitting the Clio Renault crash sensor will ensure this part will be compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

Renault Clio trivia

  • When the second generation Clio went on sale in 1994, the UK sales figures for the first generation were well over 300,000 units.
  • If you bought a brand new Renault Clio when it was first released, it would only have set you back £7,190!
  • The Renault Clio is the first car to have won the European Car of the Year award twice, with the second win for the Clio III awarded in 2006.
  • French footballer Thierry Henry was the face of Renault for two different Clios. The sports star was brought in for the ‘va va voom’ campaign to try and help market the Clio to men. A shift in buying demographics did happen, and the car became a lot more popular among male drivers.
  • 2002 was the year that the Clio saw its highest sales figure. That year alone saw 86,337 Clios bought in the UK.