Used Renault Clio Door Mirror Cable

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About Door Mirror Cable

The Clio Renault door mirror cable is a strong, plastic coated cable which is attached to the wing mirror and is used to adjust the positioning of the mirror to enable the driver to see other objects on the road and assist with moving from one lane to another. 

In a manual door mirror operation, this flexible cable is attached to the door interior and is controlled by a lever to adjust the mirror. In an electric door mirror system, this cable consists of a series of wires that are covered with a protective plastic coating and is attached to the vehicles power supply. The Clio Renault door mirror cable in this case controls two motors which allow the mirror to move up and down and sideways.  As with the manual door mirrors, these are operated by a switch inside the vehicle.

If a manual Clio Renault door mirror cable is damaged, the driver will be unable to move the door mirror. The driver may also notice that the lever controlling the mirror moves more easily than usual. In the case of an electric mirror failure, this could be caused by a wiring fault.

Renault Clio trivia

  • French footballer Thierry Henry was the face of Renault for two different Clios. The sports star was brought in for the ‘va va voom’ campaign to try and help market the Clio to men. A shift in buying demographics did happen, and the car became a lot more popular among male drivers.
  • Worldwide, there have been more than 12 million Clios sold, with the UK market making up around 1.2 million of those.
  • When the second generation Clio went on sale in 1994, the UK sales figures for the first generation were well over 300,000 units.
  • 2002 was the year that the Clio saw its highest sales figure. That year alone saw 86,337 Clios bought in the UK.
  • The Clio Williams (also known as the Renault Clio I) came with a 2-litre petrol engine and was intended to outclass alternative makes of the ‘hot hatch’ style like the Peugeot 205 GTI.