Used Renault Clio Headlight Washer Pump Motor

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About Headlight Washer Pump Motor

The Clio Renault headlight washer pump motor powers the washer pump in order to clean dirt from the headlight lens. The Clio Renault headlight washer pump motor is connected to the power supply in the vehicle and drives the rotary pump in order to push water out of one or more nozzles attached to the washer and a wiper cleans off the lens. These are occasionally prone to blockage so should be checked regularly.

The motor which drives the headlight washer pump is often the same motor which drives the windscreen washers. This means that any issue with the Clio Renault headlight washer pump motor could also impact on the windscreen washers. They are usually activated with the same stalk lever and the headlight washer usually operates on every 4-5 movements of the windscreen wiper arms.

Failure of the Clio Renault headlight washer pump motor can be potentially dangerous for two reasons. Firstly, the windscreen washers and headlight washers will not work correctly impacting on visibility. Secondly, in the case of xenon headlights it’s a legal requirement to have working headlight washers as the dirt on the headlights can refract the light around the road causing issues for other drivers.

Renault Clio trivia

  • The Clio was named after the Greek word for ‘to make famous.’
  • The Renault Clio is the first car to have won the European Car of the Year award twice, with the second win for the Clio III awarded in 2006.
  • The original design for the Renault Clio was intended to replace the hugely popular Renault 5.
  • If you bought a brand new Renault Clio when it was first released, it would only have set you back £7,190!
  • When the second generation Clio went on sale in 1994, the UK sales figures for the first generation were well over 300,000 units.