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Cheap Renault Engines To Buy Online

There comes a time when engine repairs and replacements become a harsh reality for car owners. Renault had previously shared engines with one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz, but this doesn’t mean that faults never occur. is a hub of leading UK Renault engine suppliers, meaning that customers can use the website in their time of need to find affordable new, used and re-conditioned Renault engines with swift, convenient delivery options.

Wide Range Of Renault Engines

Renault has a distinctive method of categorising its extensive range of engines. Types include the A-type, with an all-aluminium overhead valve inline four, the E family, a successor to the C-type with a cast iron overhead camshaft inline four, and the Z engine, an aluminium overhead camshaft V6 that famously powered the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car. With many engines on offer there are a wide variety available through breaker yards, whether you are fixing up your family hatchback or updating your utility van.

Breakers With Engines Ready To Dispatch has a wide array of reputable independent breakers who have extensive stocks of used, reconditioned and low mileage Renault engines ready to dispatch. Engines are available as bare engines, which is simply the engine, or as a complete engine, which should also include turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a huge number of suppliers who know what they’re talking about when it comes to Renaults.

Through you can expect a warranty of between 30 and 365 days on your Renault engine. This is dependent on supplier, so be sure to confirm this during your enquiries or before you purchase.

Renault Gearboxes Also Available

As well as being able to supply a range of high quality engines thanks to our network of breakers, can also source manual, automatic and tiptronic Renault gearboxes.

Thanks to our reputation for quality and speedy service has amassed a loyal following of customers since its formation more than 10 years ago. Engine repairs and replacements are often considered to be the most stressful and costly, which is why buying used Renault engines can help to save you money. Don’t be put off by a car being scrapped or written off, as a large percentage of autocar parts can be salvaged by breakers and reused. It could even be that a car was never in an accident, as often if the police impound a vehicle owners may surrender it, which leads perfectly driveable cars to be scrapped.

Our Network Of Independent Breakers

Often one of the things that put people off buying used engines from breaker’ yards was having to search in the hope of finding the part you need. This is no longer the case. Thanks to all you need to do is click on the Find a Part button and give us information about your car, and then sit back and wait for quotes or buy right now from breakers throughout the country.

Unsure about what part best suits your car? Use the ‘notes’ and ‘message seller’ functions to talk directly to breakers, who are more than happy to help out.