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Used SEAT Leon Driveshaft

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About Driveshaft

Integral to the car's ABS System, the Leon SEAT drive shaft is a mechanical part which is usually a hollow tubing made of steel with yoke/s attached to the end.

As the Leon SEAT drive shaft rotates it connects the power from the car engine to the car wheels which enables the car to then move. This is essentially the part that makes the car move.

Positioned between the differentials and gear box, Leon SEAT drive shafts, being made of steel, are strong and solid and therefore most likely to deteriorate over a long period of time. However, when signs of a fault do appear, it is crucial that you look into replacing the Leon SEAT drive shaft as soon as possible to avoid a complete malfunction of this part.

Drive shaft issues often arise as a result of hitting the kerb with your car wheels. Possible signs that there is a problem with the Leon SEAT drive shaft is your car shuddering upon acceleration from standstill or when driving at low speed; an alarming clunking sound in the drive shaft when you change gears; a vibration felt whilst driving, and generally any unusual knocking, grinding, rattling, squealing or clicking sounds coming from the draft shaft. You may also experience problems turning your vehicle as a damaged drive shaft can affect this, which it is most likely to happen when you are driving around a corner. A faulty Leon SEAT drive shaft may also mean you will have issues when trying to park your vehicle. It's imperative to address drive shaft issues as soon as possible because if the draft shaft stops working completely your car will not be able to get power from the engine to the wheels and consequently you will not be able to drive your car until you have replaced the Leon SEAT drive shaft.

SEAT Leon trivia

  • The German car magazine Auto Motor Und Sport voted the SEAT Leon as the best-imported car in the compact car category in the voting poll Best Cars of 2009.
  • The SEAT Leon ST has been voted the 7th best car for dogs! The estate version of the SEAT Leon was highlighted because despite having a smaller boot, it’s easier to access for four-legged family members.
  • The Polish love the SEAT Leon, and it won the ‘Most Satisfactory Car of the year’ in 2007, awarded by the Polish car magazine Auto Swiat.
  • Not only did the SEAT Leon Mk3 get the five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, but it also got one advanced reward for its Multi Collision Brake system and another advanced reward for its Lane Assist system.
  • If you can’t quite afford a SEAT Leon, you can still get a taste of it by playing the game SEAT Cupra Race. Available to play on smartphones, you can choose to drive a SEAT Leon Cupra.