Used SEAT Leon Seat Belt Anchor

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About Seat Belt Anchor

Seatbelt anchors are where the seatbelt system is connected to the main vehicle frame. There are three seatbelt anchor points in a normal seatbelt system, one where the seatbelt reel is situated at the bottom of the door column, one at the top of the door column where the chest or upper body section of the seatbelt is suspended from, and one that accepts the seatbelt buckle with both chest and lap sections of the seatbelt attached.

The front anchor is to the left/right of the seat and is bolted to the floor or centre column by means of anchor-plates and bolts. The use of steel anchor plates ensures that the bolts will not shear off or pull through the floor if the belt comes under load.  The correct positioning of seatbelt anchor points is necessary for a vehicle to pass an MOT. Attached to the anchor point is a mechanism which will receive the seatbelt buckle and lock it into place securely.

To undo the seatbelt press down on the button or switch on the seatbelt anchor mechanism which will automatically release the seatbelt buckle.

SEAT Leon trivia

  • The SEAT Leon shares a lot of its basic components with other cars on the roads of the UK, including the VW Golf, the Audi TT, the Skoda Octavia, and the Audi A3.
  • The SEAT Leon Streetcopa was released at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. This limited-edition car was limited to only 200 units and was designed specifically for the Swiss market. However, a limited-edition facelifted version was eventually released under the name Leon World Champion Edition.
  • The SEAT Leon ST was voted the Family Car of the Year in 2014 by two different Spanish motoring magazines.
  • According to the UK Government website, the SEAT Leon is the 84th most popular car in Britain, as well as being the 56th most famous. It is, apparently, a car that is more popular among millennials than any other demographic and is described as distinctive, long-lasting, exciting, reliable, and quality.
  • A SEAT Leon was the first diesel-powered car to win the World Championship, at the FIA World Touring Car Championship track racing event. In the same event, SEAT also won the manufacturers award.