Get cheap quotes for Suzuki engines, car parts and spares

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Cheap Suzuki engines to buy online

Warranty Direct ranked Suzuki 15th in a list of 39 manufacturers, based on the reliability of their engines. Regardless of the manufacturer or model, it’s down to you to take care of your engine. But if that fateful day ever comes and you engine fails, we’re here to help. Replacing an engine is generally the most expensive maintenance problem you can face, which is why it can be such a nightmare. An engine problem can leave you without a car for a long time, simply due to the expense. We’re here to help you find the right engine for your Suzuki to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Whether you’re after an engine for a Swift, SX4, Ignis, or any other Suzuki model, can help.

Wide range of Suzuki engines

Suzuki has manufactured many engines over the years, including a variety of straight twin and three systems, as well as inline four, inline six and V6 engines. We work with independent breakers across the UK, including some of the top Suzuki engine suppliers in the country, giving you a choice of used, reconditioned and low mileage engines. All you need to do is pop your car registration number into our Find a Part box, and we’ll get back to you with a number of quotes.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch

Our network of independent breakers stretches to areas across the whole United Kingdom. You can choose between individual engine parts, bare engines and complete engines, which is what you need if you want an engine that comes with a fuel pump, injectors and so on. If you need any advice you can talk directly to the breakers through the website. Every engine has been checked thoroughly and is offered with a minimum of one month’s guarantee. Each breaker does all it can to ensure it’s offering engines of the highest quality at competitive prices, to provide you with the best value for money. There are many engines available to buy now through our site.

Suzuki gearboxes also available

Many of the breakers we work with have a selection of automatic and manual gearboxes available. We can help you find a replacement gearbox for your Suzuki, providing a far cheaper alternative to buying one straight off the shelf at a retailer or through a garage.

Cars are scrapped for numerous reasons. One being when a car is heavily damaged, with repairs costing more than the value of the car itself. Cars also end up at scrap yards through police impound and owners selling their aged cars for a small payout. The breaker then strips the vehicle, taking anything in working order and selling it on to those in need of replacement parts. This means you could find a Suzuki engine through that is as good as new but at an affordable price, just because other parts of the vehicle were damaged.

Our network of independent breakers

Our large network of independent breakers reaches areas across the UK to ensure a quick and convenient service when you look to replace your Suzuki engine. You can search for and buy the engine you’re after from the comfort of your own home by entering your car’s details in our Find a Part box at the side of the page. Rather than calling up or driving to and from suppliers, sit back and wait for us to bring the quotes to you.

Aiming to provide a convenient service that saves you time and money, can help you find, buy and recieve the engine you need for your Suzuki within a matter of days. Enter your details and watch the quotes roll in.