Used Suzuki Gearbox Transmission Tiptronics

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About Gearbox Transmission Tiptronics

The Suzuki Tiptronic gearbox transmission is a transmission that is a hybrid of manual and automatic functions, and is sometimes known as a ‘manumatic’ transmission. The Suzuki Tiptronic gearbox transmission is predominately automatic, but allows the driver to select gears using a steering wheel mounted paddle system or a joystick in place of a gear stick by overriding the automatic gear selector. Often, however, the Suzuki Tiptronic gearbox transmission will use on-board intelligence to make sensible decisions to protect the vehicle and its engine. These include moving up through gears 1 and 2 after starting the vehicle and moving back through gears when decelerating.

The Suzuki Tiptronic gearbox transmission was originally designed by Porsche and its technology is used by various other car manufacturers. The benefits of using an automatic transmission mean that it is controlled by an ECU. This on-board computer can learn the driver’s driving style and adapt the gear changes accordingly.

Problems with the Suzuki Tiptronic gearbox transmission can be caused by problems with the ECU. This on-board brain of the transmission uses sensors to make its decisions. Failure of a sensor can cause gearbox issues. Other problems may arise from faulty solenoids.

Suzuki trivia

  • In 2019, Suzuki hired three members of boyband Take That to advertise their latest models.
  • Suzuki builds just over 3 million cars a year, making it one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.
  • Although they still make vehicles for the US army, Suzuki stopped selling civilian cars in America in 2012.
  • An advert in Australia got Suzuki into trouble after it showed what the court called 'reckless speed' and 'unsafe driving'. The advert also got a high number of viewer complaints, but not about the driving. Most of the complaints were about the rude nature of the advert.
  • A lengthy and controversial court case seriously affected Suzuki's reputation. An article in Consumer Reports in 1996 said that the Suzuki Samurai 4x4 was easily tipped over. Sales dropped after the review, and Suzuki sued the magazine. They hoped to get more than £60million, but after eight years, the case was settled out of court.