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Used Toyota Avensis Central Locking Vacuum Pump

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About Central Locking Vacuum Pump

The Avensis Toyota central locking vacuum pump is located in the door behind the door trim, and is housed in a rubber housing to protect it. It is used to open and close the doors on a central locking system when the button on the key or fob is pressed. If a Avensis Toyota  central locking vacuum pump fails, it will result in the loss of central locking to the door it controls. This means that the door will be unable to be locked and unlocked, creating a potential security issue.

The vacuum-powered central locking system is now virtually defunct in modern vehicles due to the creation of electrical central locking systems. However some older vehicles, particularly Mercedes Benz cars will use the vacuum system.

Failure of a Avensis Toyota central locking vacuum pump will break the vacuum that is used to power the locking and unlocking mechanism, so the door will not open or close when the key or fob button is pressed. It is possible that a failure of the central locking system is caused by a leak elsewhere in the vacuum, so it is important to check other components in the locking assembly to establish what has caused the failure.

Toyota Avensis trivia

  • The seats in a Toyota Avensis have a Shearing’s coach-style trim, which means that they are resistant to dog hair (perfect for when you want to take your furry family members for a day out).
  • The Toyota Avensis was the very first car to be sold in Europe that came with a knee airbag! This is now a standard feature in the majority of modern vehicles.
  • The third generation (just like the second) is manufactured in the Burnaston plant located in Derbyshire.
  • The Toyota Avensis won’t just get you to the shops and back on a tank of petrol. It’s also been driven from Lands End to John O’Groats on a single tank! The journey also took the time to go off-route and visited the Toyota Burnaston manufacturing plant. The trip took three days and averaged well over 70mpg.
  • The name for the first generation Toyota Avensis in Argentina is the Toyota Corona!