Used Toyota Prius Coil Ignition Module Combined

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About Coil Ignition Module Combined

The Prius Toyota coil ignition module combined has a key function in the vehicle. It’s effectively a computer which looks like a small electrical box with a wire harness. It can be located either in the distributor housing or on the firewall or wheel well depending on the vehicle and its’ manufacturer.

The Prius Toyota coil ignition module combined has two main functions. The first is to close the ground circuit to the ignition coil at the correct times to control the timing of spark plugs. Its other role is to create the all-important spark to light the mixture of air and fuel in the ignition and cause combustion.

The timing of spark plugs is important. If the spark plug doesn’t spark at the correct time, there will not be the right amount of fuel mix to ignite.

Failure of the Prius Toyota coil ignition module combined can be caused by overheating. If your module is overheating, you may experience a wide range of symptoms including engine stutter, stalling and power loss as well as the strong smell of fuel when checking the smell of the exhaust. Damage can also be caused by loose connections, so check for these also.

Toyota Prius trivia

  • The Toyota Prius has featured in some huge films and has even been featured in Oscar-winning cinema. Emma Stone's character in La La Land drives a Prius, and there's an animated version of the car in The Secret Life of Pets. In Avengers: Infinity War, there are around 20 moments where a Toyota Prius is seen.
  • Between the launch of the Toyota Prius in Japan in 1997 and its release in the UK, an incredible 43,000 had already been sold. Even before general release, that equals more electric vehicles than had been sold since the 1960s
  • The second-generation Prius could get 600 miles in a single charge. The third generation added an extra 100 miles to that, and that's despite having the same sized engine!
  • In the UK, the Toyota Prius is ranked as the 29th most popular car, according to the YouGov website. It also comes in at number 10 on the list of most famous cars. Fans of the car obviously praise its fuel-efficiency, but also its reliability and the low cost of maintenance.
  • The third-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive unit is both 35% more powerful and 23% more fuel-efficient than the first gen. It's also 25% cleaner when you measure CO2 emissions!