Used Vauxhall Aerial Manuals

All used Vauxhall Aerial Manuals listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list used car parts for Vauxhall are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Aerial Manuals

The Vauxhall manual aerial receives radio waves so that you can listen to the radio in your car.

Aerials are usually made of stainless steel, sometimes chrome, rubber or aluminum.  Manual aerials can be retractable and non-retractable and have different mounts, including pillar mounted and roof mounted. The Vauxhall pillar mounted aerial is mounted on a pillar bracket, which fixes to the door pillar of your car, next to the windscreen. The Vauxhall roof mounted aerial is fixed to your car roof but can also be attached to the hood, with a screw. 

The Vauxhall manual aerial is operated by hand and requires you to adjust it while outside. The Vauxhall manual aerial is connected to your car stereo by an aerial cable which houses the conductor needed to receive radio reception, and the Vauxhall manual aerial is basically an extension of the center conductor inside the aerial cable.

The manual non retractable aerial is thin and flexible but, being constantly exposed, it will erode over time due to weather damage and is more likely to be broken accidentally.  With a retractable manual aerial, you can extend and retract the aerial fully by hand, which means it is less likely to be accidentally broken off and is less exposed to the weather and high speeds, but the collapsible, hollow metal rods that allow this telescopic action can break. The Vauxhall manual aerial, like most parts, will end up wearing out and need replacing. A manual aerial will usually work well for about 4-6 years before you need to think about buying a new one, but careful and regular cleaning to avoid damage from dirt will help this part to last longer.

Vauxhall trivia

  • The Vectra C is a very popular car, especially among the police force, and it's now common to see car buyers desperate to pick up an ex-police Vectra for cheap. It is estimated that Vauxhall manufactures as much as 70% of the UK police forces cars.
  • Not only did Vauxhall produce the first sports car in the world, but it was also the first company to produce a car that could go 100mph!
  • Vauxhall has been manufacturing cars continuously in Britain since 1903, making it the oldest car brand to survive in the UK.
  • Vauxhall's first-ever car had a whopping five-horsepower and didn't have a steering wheel! Instead, it used a tiller for guiding direction, along with two forward gears. Who even needs a reverse gear?
  • A long list of celebs have been proud owners of the Vauxhall Corsa, including former Doctor Who star, Matt Smith (who sold his on eBay and gave the money to charity), Tinie Tempah, Claudia Schiffer, Sean Bean, and even Colin McRae.