Vauxhall Astra Rocker Cover

The camshaft's job is to manage the poppet valves, basically opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves in the cylinder head. The rocker arms enable the intake and exhaust valves to operate, driven by the camshaft. The Astra Vauxhall rocker cover protects the rocker arm from oil and dirt.

The rocker cover is bolted on to the cylinder head to cover and shield the rocker arm, and sealed with a Astra Vauxhall rocket cover gasket. The rocker cover gasket, usually made of rubber and cork, is sandwiched between the top of the engine and the rocker cover, providing a secure seal to prevent leaks.

The camshaft powers the rocker arms which put pressure on the valves, causing the valves to open. The valves are sprung loaded which enables them to close again. The spring functions to maintain contact between the valves and the rocker arms. Aided by the rocker arms, the camshaft works to make sure that the intake and exhaust valves are opening and closing at exactly the right time, enabling the correct amount of air and fuel to flow into the engine and burn in the cylinders for the engine to ignite or spark at the right time.

If the rocker arms get clogged up with dirt it will cause them to stop working properly so the rocker cover is vital in ensuring the rocker arms can function properly and last longer. If cracked or broken, the rocker cover should be replaced as soon as possible. When you need to replace this part, choosing to fit the Astra Vauxhall rocker cover will guarantee perfect compatibility with the make and model of your vehicle.