Used Vauxhall Insignia Grille Front

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About Grille Front

The Insignia Vauxhall front grille is the slatted external front face of the vehicle, situated between the headlights. It is a rigid panel with a grating, basically parallel slits or vents running vertically, or a mesh construction, that covers the open entrance to the car body, allowing air to flow through into the engine compartment.

The Insignia Vauxhall front grille is fixed to the front of the car, directly in front of the radiator, helping to cool the radiator and allowing air to enter the engine of the car, while also offering protection to the radiator, air intake system and engine. The Insignia Vauxhall front grill also acts as a filter, stopping dirt, stones and other road debris from entering into the body of the car.

Grilles are made from a variety of materials, commonly stainless steel, ABS plastic or aluminum and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Positioned at the front of the car, the Insignia Vauxhall grille front takes a bit of a pounding on the road and can be subject to dents, marks, chips and scratches. It can fall prey to knocks and bumps and prone to damage in a frontal crash.  It is important that you choose the right replacement Insignia Vauxhall grille front for the make, model and year of your car. 

Vauxhall Insignia trivia

  • If you pay about £800 extra on a new Vauxhall Insignia, then you can add the FlexRide system that lets you choose from three different driving settings.
  • The first-generation Vauxhall Insignia was released in 2008, and for almost a decade it went through almost no design changes.
  • The latest generation Vauxhall Insignia had a complete platform overhaul, and that resulted in them being 175kg lighter while also adding to the length.
  • The Vauxhall Insignia is recorded as being one of the most aerodynamic cars in the world. It has a drag coefficient of just .025, so it’s not just great for driving on the motorway but also makes for a much quieter and more peaceful ride.
  • The demographics most likely to buy a Vauxhall Insignia are millennials and Gen-X. The car is much more likely to be bought by women than men.