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Many motorists could find themselves having to pay out £1,000 if they fail to keep their driving licence up to date. Driving licence fines from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) are nothing new. Already millions have been caught out for not updating their new credentials. Any motorist could be subject to a driving licence fine if they fail to inform the DVLA of their new address, new name or that their licence has become out of date.

Overcoming driving licence fines

The majority of us rarely check our licences, we stuff them in our wallets or purses and generally tend to forget about them. However, should we be pulled over by the police, want to hire a car, or it's required for identification purposes, then we're quick to produce it. Research suggests that most motorists do not even know their licence has an expiry date on prior to reaching the age of 70, even though the expiry date is visibly written on the front of the licence.

Thousands of motorists are ignorant of the importance to renew and update their credentials. Many also do not realise that the V5 document also needs to display their present name and address. If any details are not updated, driving licence fines can again be issued. PLEASE NOTE: You can renew your DVLC online if you hold a valid UK passport that has been issued within the last 5 years, you can do this here.

The guidelines set out by the DVLA for updating our credentials are very clear. Furthermore, renewal costs don't particularly cost that much and would normally be in the region of £20. You can find out more about costs here. Driving licence fines are there to help us keep our current details up straight. Updating our license also protects us against fraudulent activities such as impersonations and preventing disqualified drivers to continue on our roads.

The DVLA began issuing photo-card licences approximately 15 years ago. Millions now own a photo-card driver's licence, but there are many that do not possess the updated version. Once your paper licence expires, it is vital to update all credentials at the same time. You might think it is a hassle to swap and update to a photo-card version, but failure to do so will result in a fine.

The millions of motorists in possession of a photo-card licence should also update their photo when informing the DVLA of any personal changes. The reason behind this is clear, appearance's change over time, so up-to-date identity photos are paramount.

Every ten years the DVLA requests all motorists to change their photo card licences. Again, this is for protection against fraud. Today, it is easy to renew licences; with the advent of the Internet, you can now safely apply online and use a valid passport. At present, you can still renew licences with, or without a passport.

Your passport should have been issued within the last five years and all credentials need to be up-to-date. It is easy to apply online using a Government Gateway ID, to register go HERE. Each time you make any changes there will be £20.00 fee.