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10 Brilliant Ways to Drive in the Winter Freeze

Driving in cold weather isn't always enjoyable. However, for millions of us, it is a necessary evil! It’s also necessary to prepare yourself and your car for the cold snap ahead. Your vehicle is going to be doing plenty to keep you safe and warm on the roads. Here are some great ways to get prepared for the big freeze.

Swap Out Your Tyres

This is an obvious one, but an important one. Summer tyres simply aren’t going to have the right grip for snow and ice. Get winter tyres installed ASAP!

Go Easy
You may be the sort of driver who loves putting the pedal to the metal. In winter, that’s simply not a safe idea! Ease up as much as possible on the acceleration for safer journeys.

Keep Your Distance

Cold weather and snowy or icy conditions mean everyone else will be taking care, too. Try and keep your distance from other drivers in cold or wintry conditions.

 Get Your Heating Checked
Driving in winter without a working heating system is going to be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend you always get this element of your vehicle checked out before you take to those icy roads.

Avoid All Distractions

This goes without saying in general conditions, but avoid driving distractions. If you can avoid having the radio on during a blizzard, or can delay making phone calls until you’re off the road, you’ll be safer.

Check Ahead
We can’t always rely on weather forecasts, but more often than not, they get road warnings right! Plan long journeys well ahead of time to make sure you don’t get caught out in the snowdrift.

Keep Plenty of Fluids in The Car
You never know if you’ll need to top up on water or lubrication while on the road. Make sure you have a bottle of water or two in the cabin with you.

Top Up Your Tank

Generally, it is advisable that you keep your fuel tank filled up around halfway. Therefore, if you do find yourself stuck on the road in the middle of bad weather, you will be able to power up and move on without much encouragement.

Take Passengers!

If you’re set to undertake a long journey in cold or wintry conditions, it is always a good idea to have someone with you who can help navigate. You may be an experienced driver, but we can always use a helping hand!

Check Your Wipers!

During winter, your wiper blades are likely to be working overtime. Therefore, you should always take time to make sure your blades are in good condition, and that you have plenty of wiper fluid.

Power Up Regularly
This is a simple trick to keep your car ticking over – make sure you ignite each and every day during cold seasons. Systems have a habit of freezing over if they aren’t used during long, cold stretches – keep that engine ticking over as best you can!