Monday 22nd December 2014
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Driving in fog is a nightmare as visibility is so dramatically reduced and you must take much more care. You must also remember to stay calm and alert.

12 tips on how to drive in fog.

12 tips for driving in fog:

  • Reduce your speed significantly
  • Use your headlights when visibility is less than 100 metres – as stated in the Highway Code – and make sure that they are dipped all the time
  • Make sure your lights, especially the fog lights are working effectively.
  • Ensure that you have a lot of petrol in the tank as lights and heating can use up a lot of fuel
  • Don’t mix up the fog lights with the full beam setting
  • Leave plenty of space between you and other drivers in front, so you have enough stopping distance
  • Turn off fog lights as soon as fog lifts
  • If visibility is poor, open the windows at junctions and crossroads to hear other traffic coming. But you really you should stop in a safe place and keep warm till the weather improves
  • Turn off your rear fog lights to avoid dazzling drivers behind you
  • Use the demister and windscreen wipers to improve visibility
  • Don’t immediately speed up once fog lifts in case you hit another foggy patch further down the road
  • If you break down, try to get off the road, never park on the road and always use warning lights if you have no choice but to park on the wrong side of the road

It can be really distracting to keep switching your fog lights on and off but it is very important.  If you aren't sure leave them on as you will at least be letting people see you. For more information go to: