Monday 2nd June 2014
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The 2014 Fiat Panda 4x4 is based on the third generation Fiat Panda city car. The Panda has been a popular little car since its introduction back in 1980 and the 4x4 version was first released 30 years ago. I know you are thinking how can such a small vehicle be transformed into a 4x4 successfully? Well those were my thoughts anyway.

This is a surprisingly effective vehicle which offers a reasonable amount of space and is also a very capable off road performer. This vehicle is also very affordable and is part of Fiat's back to basics philosophy which gives drivers a decent vehicle at a low price.

The 4x4 version of the Panda has raised ground clearance of 150mm and under body protection to allow the vehicle to perform well off road. Bear in mind that this vehicle is not a Landrover or a Jeep, but still has good off road performance.

This very capable off road vehicle does not compromise on road performance. When driving on road, this vehicle sounds great and is well worth considering if you are after a small 4x4 vehicle. Would you buy one?

The 0.9L Twin Air version is available at a cost of £13,995, which is £2700 more expensive than the standard Panda. This is an 85bhp engine which offers around 57.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km.

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Have a look at the video review below for the 2014 Fiat Panda 4x4:

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