Monday 17th February 2014
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The new 2015 Renault Twingo has been unveiled with an expected release date of September 2014.

The Twingo is a city car which is currently in its second generation of production. We have a full Renault Twingo review which you can view by clicking here. The new third generation version will be introduced fully at the Geneva Motor Show which runs from 6-16th March 2014. This will give more information on the expected engines and performance details.

The new Twingo design brings back memories of the old Renault 5 Sport with the style of design. This new version is part of a joint venture between Renault and Daimler AG. Daimler AG produce Mercedes, and also the Smart Car. This joint venture will see the new Twingo and new versions of the two and four seat Smart car built with rear mounted engines.

There are many advantages to having a rear mounted engine on such a small car. This allows for more room at the front end of the car and extra cabin space. Having the wheels positioned at the very corners of the car combined with the use of a smaller block, also improves the cars turning circle.

The new Twingo will be available in four different colours, known as 'Pop' colours. It will be available in white, light blue, yellow and red.

Laurens Van Den Acker is Renault's head of industrial design and he had to say this about the new Twingo model: "New Renault Twingo was inspired not only by the original Twingo but also by the Renault 5. It is a modern take on the city car genre with the accent on innovation in terms of its lines and architecture. New Twingo is a fun, playful and vibrant city car."

Have a look at the video below of the new Renault Twingo:

Do you own a Renault Twingo?

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