Tuesday 22nd April 2014
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The majority of residents and motorists across the UK want a 20mph speed limit in their built up areas. It is believed that pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable people are still very much at risk with the 30mph speed limit even in these urban areas. In accordance with the Brake and Allianz Insurance survey, 8/10 people are in agreement that the 30mph should now be limited to 20mph.

It was only last year when MP's decided not to enforce the stricter speed limit yet. This announcement was astonishing considering it has been proven to save lives and enhance road safety. Since 2007, there have been many press releases by campaigners, they are urging the government to act fast throughout Britain. They no longer want the police to turn a blind eye.

Living with a 20mph speed limit

So, when do you know if your speed is too fast? It is when residence safety is threatened. People need to be allowed to live securely in their neighbourhood without the fear of being hit by fast approaching traffic. It is clear that communities living in urban areas need a 20mph speed limit zone to make the road safer.

Stricter 20 mph speed limits have been introduced in some parts of the UK such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh. Some other areas that have recently implemented the lower speed limit are Bristol, Lancashire, Bath, City of York, Brighton, Cardiff and much more. There is, however more work to be done in other parts of the country.

The government needs to make the 20mph speed limit a legal requirement and not just rely on local authorities to make a decision. However, many local councils are now beginning to see sense and implement the 20mph speed limit in accident hot spots. For more information on speed limits check out gov.uk here. You will notice the law specifically states at the moment a 30mph speed limit in built up areas for all vehicles.

Furthermore, you will find local councils do set their own speed limits for specific zones in their areas. For our benefit, these 20mph zones need to be clearly sign posted and forewarned, otherwise just placing a speed camera with no real warning could be seen as another money generator.

It appears wherever you go everyone appears to be proactive for the 20mph speed limit. It is believed that more people will use their bicycles, or walk to places if urban roads were not so dangerous.

Nobody really understands how the government will enforce the 20mph speed limit. Will it be a matter of trust, or will they have to erect speed cameras or employ more police? Of course, putting up more cameras is expensive and will cost the British taxpayers more money!

Even so, camera or no camera, the 20mph speed limit is still a good idea. Implementing this law could be summarized to trust and respecting the people who live in these urban zones. More information on our previous 20 mph news release can be found here.