Wednesday 10th October 2018
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World's Worst Places to Breakdown

For any drivers who’ve experienced the pain and frustration that comes with the car losing power just when you're cruising down the road, there are certain places around the world that you seriously wouldn't want this to happen. Here we're going to look at the 'The World's Worst 6 Places to Breakdown'.

Let's picture it, when you’re car has come to that abruptly halt and you find yourself stuck on the side of the road awaiting for those yellow and orange flashing lights to turn up, you can now count yourself as pretty lucky you didn’t have to wait in one of these horrible places.

Let's check these 6 places out together

1. The Death Road

Location: The Youngas Road, Bolivia
Road Length: 38 miles

The reason this road is known as the 'death road', is because it’s extremely narrow, has hardly any room for two vehicles to pass, and there’s nothing between the road and the 2,000 foot cliff drop running alongside.

Bolivia is a country that boasts beautiful stunning scenery, but the views on this particular road can come at a terrifying cost should you breakdown. 

It’s not just the concern about the 2,000 foot drop running parallel, but also the freezing cold temperatures which are known to drop to -20°C. This makes the air get really thin making it pretty difficult to breathe at the same time. You can watch a video of the Youngas Road in Bolivia here.

One breakdown survivor recounts the extremely unfortunate time he broke down on this road, but amazingly his friend was able to meet him and tow him to safety.

The Youngas Road

2. The Most Deserted Road Ever

Road Length: 3,008 miles
Location: Highway 50, Nevada, USA

This road is a seriously long and a lonely one, in fact one of the longest road’s in the world.

The road stretches right through the Nevada desert on the section between California and Utah, and has a stretch of literally 400 miles of non-inhabited land. It’s known as the loneliest road in the world and for a very good reason.

If you were to breakdown here with no mobile phone, this would definitely be one of the world's worst places, so you would need to be prepared in case you had to make that seriously long walk. But, then again it beggars the question, which direction do you head off in if you broke down in the middle? If anyone has seen the film 'Forest Gump' film, you'll know the kind of road this is when Forest has a group of runners running along the desert road behind him. You can watch a video of Highway 50 in Nevada here.

Here’s a few things you would need for the journey, to make the experience a little more withstanding

  • A charged up phone
  • A full spare can of petrol
  • Food, blankets and water and a torch
  • A pumped up spare wheel

Highway 50 Nevada

3. Smooth Tarmac, to Dirt Track

Length: 6,800 miles
Location: Trans-Siberian highway, Russia

The Trans Siberian Highway stretches just under 7000 miles long, and runs between St Petersburg and Vladivostok in Russia. What’s interesting about this road is that it suddenly turns from nice running smooth tarmac into a dirt track. This section of the road is more suitable for a dirt bike and it stretches 3000 miles.

To some it’s known as the 'mud bath road' and after a period of torrential rain it gets difficult to walk let alone drive. Downpours can be quite common throughout the year as well. This is the kind of road that you might want to pack a tent for, in case you experienced any unwanted overnight stays. It’s definitely not a place you would want to breakdown, and you’ll need to pack some high top wellies come up against this problem.

Trans Siberian Highway

4. The Road to Hell

Length: 1401 miles
Location: N2 Road, Eastern Cape, Africa

This road is hailed as the number 1 most dangerous road in Africa, and certainly not one you want to breakdown on. There is a certain bend called the 'hospital bend'. The road itself has been dubbed as the 'road to hell' and claims on average 1200 live per year. As well as vigilante gangs that operate robbing drivers along the road, there can be dangerous animals lurking behind bushes ready to pounce on any unwelcome visitors.

There are in fact 1.25 million people killed tragically in road traffic accidents around the world every year, with Africa by far having the most dangerous roads, the World Health Organization published recently in a report. Source: WHO.

"Road traffic fatalities take an unacceptably high toll, particularly on poor people in poor countries," WHO chief Margaret Chan said in a statement.

This road is also very busy and fast and if you breakdown you would want to stay well back from the edge of the road, so should you encounter difficulty in breaking down be aware of the speed of vehicles, and the driving standards of other motorist's.

"Road traffic fatalities take an unacceptably high toll, particularly on poor people in poor countries," WHO chief Margaret Chan said in a recent statement.

n2 Road South Africa Eastern Cape

5. Car Jacking Land

Location: Detroit, USA

Sometimes, it’s not just the length of the road with a treacherous landscape that can prove dangerous, but also poor run down areas can also make it a dangerous place to breakdown in. 

Some of the neighbourhoods in Detroit have been proven to be such a location. A simple google search will help you find out about the latest statistics on homicide rates, theft, overall crime rates, and carjacking. 

Mind you, it does pose the question how far could a car thief get in the event of your car been jacked? The US refer to Detroit as the 'carjacking capital' of the world, yet it’s quite ironic as the city was very well known at one time for its fast growing motoring manufacturing plants.

This certainly is one of the world's worst places you would ever want your vehicle to lose its power and left stranded on the side of the road.

Detroit City Picture

6. Lack of Slip Roads and Long Stretches Between Junctions

Length: 89 miles
Location: M40 Motorway, England UK

To breakdown on any motorway can be a real nightmare, especially in the UK. However, the M40 is renowned for having very few slip roads and boasts (ha-ha) long stretches between the junctions and service stations, which certainly doesn't help in the event of having to make an emergency exit. The motorway starts at Uxbridge and runs through to Birmingham.

You will need to make sure you carry a full spare can of fuel here, as you could run out before getting to the nearest fill-up station.

It also means that if you should end up on the hard shoulder it could take some time for a recovery truck to get to you, especially in the event of heavy traffic. We would also mention that the M25 can be a real pain when it comes to traffic jams, and is known as 'Europe's Largest Car Park'.

M40 Motorway, England UK

Have you got any experiences to share on the worst places you’ve ever broken down in? Or, know about someone who has?

Please comment below, so we can publish them.