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Insurance rates are expected to rise again in 2015, especially for young drivers. Price comparison website reports that motorists are paying £35 more to insure their cars today than in January 2014.  We all know the troubles many of you face with insurance, as the costs keep piling up even if you're an experienced driver or a newbie who's just passed their test. Here are some ways to save on your insurance this year.

7 ways to save on your car insurance

  1. Remember the obvious - shop around once your insurance premium ends! Check both third party insurance and comprehensive cover so you can get the best deal.
  2. Add a responsible second driver! Even if they never use your car, it's worth putting them on as it lowers your average risk.
  3. If possible pay an annual fee as you will be charged a premium for monthly payments. states that some insurers charge up to 10.75% more onto the quoted premium for monthly instalments.  It may be easier to pay the sum in one go using a credit card with 0% APR.
  4. Consider using a "black box" this is know as a driving telematics device that can monitor your driving habits and allow you to save money on your car insurance especially if you're deemed a high risk driver e.g. a newly qualified or young driver.

    7 Ways to save on your car insurance. What will you do?

    The "black box" was primarily used by specialist providers such as Drive Like a Girl, Coverbox, InsuretheBox, however, its steadily gaining more popularity. More providers like the AA, Drive Safe and The Cooperative Insurance now offer the 'black box'. You can then compare prices for each of these providers and make further savings with your car insurance.

  5. Never automatically renew your insurance premiums. For instance, Sarah Cooper's tweet shows why you should just shop around even if you want to stay loyal to your current insurance company, as car insurers show they prey on the loyal customers:  "My car insurance renewal is £1,200. New policy with same company is £690. How do they justify this?" This tweet demonstrates how quotes can vary widely between companies and it pays to shop around.
  6. Don't make too many modifications to your car unless they're security ones, as the more modifications the more you'll be charged. Make sure you always tell your insurer about any modifications and whether you made them or not, as it can invalidate your policy.
  7. Usually when you purchase your cover an insurer could try to sell you add ons such as windscreen or breakdown cover. Avoid buying these additional products if you're unsure about what is offered. You may find some of the add-ons are already in your policy so read all the terms carefully. Check the costs of all individual covers as most insurers make a large mark-up by up-selling add ons at a higher rate than you could get elsewhere.

Thoroughly research all your options, and you could make significant savings.  If you need any car spares then look no further... go onto our partfinder page today.