Tuesday 26th February 2013
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Britain's motorways are some of the safest in the world. While some countries have no motorway speed limit, others are set higher than the UK. The 70 mph motorway speed limit was introduced in 1965, and since the limit introduction road accidents fell by 75 percent.

Is the motorway speed limit law out of date?

The transport secretary, Mr. Hammond condemns the 70 mph motorway speed limit; he believes the limitation should be 80 mph. He states that it would benefit motorists by creating less congestion and aid in economic growth. He argues that motorists would be able to drive to their destinations much quicker. However, other Ministers argue that by increasing the motorway speed limit to 80 mph it would allow for more accidents that would undoubtedly take place.

Greenpeace and other campaigners also disapprove of Mr. Hammonds's suggestion. Campaigners believe that increasing the motorway speed limit by 10 mph will burn more oil and fuel, and it will increase carbon emissions. Drivers who travel at high speeds undoubtedly have an increased fuel bill. Mr. Hammonds appears to approve that drivers would have to spend more; therefore, be out-of-pocket in such an abysmal economic climate. Mr. Hammonds wins; motorists lose, and more deaths on our British motorways would increase.

Whatever the speed limit, the majority of drivers on motorways always drive 10 mph over the speed limit anyway, he argues. Therefore, if the motorway speed limit was to increase, drivers could automatically believe that driving at 90 mph would then be okay.

Ministers are concerned that if the motorway speed limit was to increase, it would not be enforcing road safety and not be good for the economy or environment. Additionally, the police would not have the power to prosecute until a speeding driver reached 92 mph.

The proposal to increase the motorway speed limit has been on the agenda for many months. Ministers are now rethinking if it should be abolished.

What do you think?