Friday 15th November 2013
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Options have always been limited for disabled drivers up until now. The Kenguru cruiser is the ultimate car for getting around if you have a disability of any kind. The Kenguru is an affordable option compared to converting an MPV, or a van. To convert a large vehicle to be wheelchair accessible can cost approximately £50,000. Even then, some of those vehicles can be difficult to drive for a disabled person.

The Kenguru cruiser specifications

The Kenguru cruiser is super, nippy and small; it could even fit on a train. You can just about go anywhere with this car. Disabled people will be pleased to know that they can wheel their chair in the car from the back. There is no messing around having to move from one seat to another.

Your wheelchair clicks into place by an interlocking system, then you are literally ready to drive. Once the wheelchair is in its safety position and the key is in the ignition, the rear door fully closes automatically.

The car can detect if the wheelchair is not positioned correct, once secure, it is safe to drive. Currently, the steering wheel is like a motorbike handlebar. However, at some point a joystick will be offered.

At present, the Kenguru cruiser is tiny compared to any other car in existence. Its dimensions are 2150 mm in length with a 1550 mm width inclusive of its mirrors. Its height is 1470 mm, and it weighs a mere 290 kg not including the batteries.

The Kenguru cruiser is an electric vehicle and on one single charge, it can drive 30 miles. Furthermore, its maximum speed is 30 miles per hour. The battery requires eight hours to fully charge, the wait is worthwhile since it is incredibly fun to drive.

The Kenguru cruiser is one of the most environmentally friendly cars around and therefore, is considered 100% green.

This is every disabled person's dream car. Where once it was difficult to travel around; the Kenguru cruiser now offers freedom for those less fortunate. Disabled persons will be to undertake short journeys and wherever they decide to stop for a break, parking is particularly worry-free, since this car has an easy turning point and is agile when cornering.

Once the Kenguru cruiser is parked up the back door automatically lifts up. There is also a rear ramp for any wheelchair to maneuver out backwards. It is estimated that the Kenguru car would cost in the region of £15,000.

The Kenguru cruiser has been designed by a Hungarian company. They have been specializing in helping disabled people since 1915. Currently, the Cruiser is offered in America and there are talks that it will soon be available in the UK.