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Bowler Motorsport plans to launch a Land Rover rally car; it is named as the Defender Challenge. This 2014 beauty will be doomed to participate in tough off-road long distance rally races and events. One such event is the Dakar Rally; formally known as The Paris-Dakar. These types of events are open to professionals, but mostly amateurs.

This is a perfect partnership between Land Rover and Bowler, which began 2012 and is regulated by Motor Sports Association (MSA). The Motor Sports Association is a governing body for motoring in the UK, and you can visit their website to apply for a competition licence.

Land Rover Defender Challenge specifications

All Defender Challengers are the 90 hardtop with some modified Bowler tweaks.

Modifications to the exterior will include a Bowler Motorsport suspension system; Kumho control tyres sat on lightweight 18-inch wheels, (optional bowler brake package comes at an extra cost), spring roll bars and bushes and an upgraded mounting system.

Other external tweaks include a lightweight front bumper, new dampers, sill protectors, Fia-approved roll cage, revised door casing and upgraded mud flaps.

Engine refinements include the standard 2.2-litre diesel engine, but with an up rated 170 bhp from 50 bhp. One component that has not change is the gearbox, which is the standard six-speed manual. The torque on the Land Rover Defender Challenge is a whopping 450Nm from 90Nm.

Additionally, there are some interior changes, which feature a fire extinguisher system, intercom system, racing seats and six-point harness.

There is so much more to the Land Rover Defender Challenge; seeing is believing. All their cars will be international FIA rally compliant and Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) backing, which Daker runs.

The Land Rover Defender Challenge is a good entry level car for those that love competing in rally events. Additionally, Bowler is open to training everyone even if you do not own a racing licence, or have any racing experience.

If you have ever fancied rallying and wondered where to begin, then the Land Rover Defender Challenge is the perfect start. The procedure has been easier to enter, even for rally amateurs providing you cover the costs. Now anyone can compete even internationally!

Land Rover Defender Challenge 2014 calendar

These announced dates below are provisional. All dates plus European, African and Middle East rallies will be disclosed during January 2014.

The rally dates usually run from March to November. However, it is believed that the Land Rover Defender Challenge will hold training and testing during February 2014.

These popular Land Rover Defender Challenge events begin in Mid-Wales and will make their way around various counties finishing off at Dumfries, Scotland. Each county has its challenges, some offer steep curved cornering, leaner curves, steeper hills and even flat terrain. Check out each rally event and its terrain to see which event would suit you.

  • Rally date is March 2nd at Mid Wales Stages
  • Rally date is April 20th at Somerset Stages
  • Rally date is June 7th at Dukeries Rally, Nottinghamshire
  • Rally date is July 19th to 20th at Welsh Hill Rally, Swansea
  • Rally date is August 30th at Woodpecker Stages, Shropshire
  • Rally date is October 24th to 25th at Sunseeker Rally, Dorset
  • Rally date is Mid-November at Scottish Hill Rally

Rally prices are not cheap. Depending which package you select, they will range from approximately £10,000 to £14,000. The price varies because of Bowler mechanics, storage and logistics. The Land Rover Defender Challenge will cost £50,000 plus VAT, which can only be provided through Bowler Motorsport.

The competition will be high and there will be prizes awarded for first, second and third. Awards will be based on the finest car, best driver and Spirit of Championship.