Thursday 4th July 2013
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We are emerging into an era of internet driving apps to help us drive better, to provide us with direct emergency services, offer us the most recent traffic jams, road news and much more. The latest rage now is having an app that will be able to monitor our driving habits. The good news is, some insurance companies can monitor your driving skills with these apps. These insurance companies such as Aviva will even offer driving tips and insurance discounts should you prove to be a good driver.

How informative are these apps?

The apps are ready for use on iPhone 4 or later and are available on android platforms for version 2.3 or later as well. The apps use GPS to track your driving habits; they will follow and analyze your driving once the phone app is activated.

How far you drive with the app switched on depends on the insurance company.

Driving distances can vary from twenty-five miles up to two-hundred miles or more. It is believed that the average score is 5.6 out of 10, and this is supposedly good.

Some apps can use a star system or even marking the score out of 100. Additionally, some apps will also give more advice than others; they can inform you about basic driving behaviours such as braking, wasting fuel, acceleration, speed, carefulness, eagerness and more. Some apps can also monitor the engine. has launched a new app called the MotorMate. It is free to download from Google Play and Apple's App Store. The app mirrors the black box that can be fitted into the engine. Drivers can now have full confidence of a free helpful device to improve their driving skills.

Should you be one of those crazy drivers with terrible driving habits, then it can be easy to outsmart the app temporarily. However, the objective is to improve drivers motoring skills on a permanent basis. Discounts on insurance can be as much as twenty per cent, so there is a real financial reward if you can keep driving at your best!

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